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OMG! I need an answer QUICK, Please!

I booked our vacation on Saturday morning. With my Capital One Mastercard.

While my open to buy has been reduced by the amount of the trip, the charge does not yet appear. I have my e-docs already, and have not yet received a call or email from escapes.ca, but I read at TripAdvisor that you can’t use Capital One or MBNA in Cuba. Does that also extend to purchasing the vacation at home?

I’m freaking out here. So looking forward to the trip, but what if my payment method is not valid? Would I be able to change the payment method? Yikes!

No worries. I pay for all my Cuba trips with American Express, because it amuses me. :smiley: Just can’t use it down there…


LOL you crack me up! Bit of a poop disturber, are you?


It sometimes takes a few days for charges to appear on the on-line statements. I bought my new laptop on a Sat. and I didn`t see the charge till Wed.

[quote=@delicateflower3663]OMG THANKYOU!

LOL you crack me up! Bit of a poop disturber, are you?

;D[/quote]Who, me? :wink: I also get air miles on American Express. The only tour operator that doesn’t take it is (understandably) Hola Sun. :smiley:

Glad Hola Sun wasn’t my only way of booking! I would have had to wait until paying off my Canadian Tire card showed! Then it would have cost more! LOL

I used Citibank Mastercard to book my trip with HolaSun and it went through ok. I initially tried booking with American Express and got an error message on the website saying that they do not accept that credit card.