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OMG...the rain...reliable forcast?

Hola Folks,

I leave for March break March 14-21 and I am freaking out of the weather/rain. I have been to the DR numerous times and know what usual rains are like. However, all I’ve been reading about is days and days of straight rain. I am travelling with 2 first time travellers and do not want this to be their first experience.

So, my question is: all of the weather websites have a different projected forcast for peurto plata…anywhere from full sun to full rain. Does anybody know of a reliable and accurate weather site so I can keep an eye on things.

Should I try to get to Punta Cana or Mexico?

Hang in there…I have been keeping up to date on it too…you can make yourself crazy :stuck_out_tongue: but I hear it can change on a dime. We are heading to Sirenis in PC too in 2 weeks. Really hope the weather is nice - I need a holiday. I see you went there…were you happy with it? thanks Cathy in rainy Kanata!!! :o

soccermom is absolutely correct when she says it can change on a dime. Like most people, we looked at forecasts prior to our recent visit to the DR and saw they were totally inconsistent in their predictions for any given day. Finally, we chose to ignore them because, whatcha gonna do??? Cancel your trip?? In any event, we had some showers most days from Feb.18 - 25 and they were always in the morning…and they were always refreshing. (I can’t believe people actually take umbrellas to protect them from the rain…and then, when the sun comes out, they jump in the ocean.) The better news is we had lots of sunshine EVERY day. By the way, we were at Bahia Principe San Juan.

We just got back last week and yes we did have one week of rain, but was told that that waws unusual for that time of year. This year has been extremely unpredicable. We had one week of rain and one week of pure sunshine. We were going to stay for a third week but when we looked at the forecast, rain and clouds for the nest week, we declined. Well from friends that just came back yesterday the weather was just fine. So do not worry.
I never bring and umbrella but this time I had to buy one. Now it is a staple in my suitcase.

We were in POP earlier this month and had 2 days of heavy rain during our one week stay. We were fortunate, and arrived at the end of a string of 6 -7 days of rain.

We found the most accurate forecast here - even their predicted temps. were accurate:

Enjoy your holiday anyway - we decided sitting in shorts in the middle of February was great any way you look at it.

We spent the last 2 weeks at the Barcelo, the prediction was rain 12 days out of 14, it actually rained 1 afternoon which was great we hat a good time getting to know other vacationers at the bar.

We’ve been here 10 days and today it is overcast and damp for the first time but when it rains here its warm rain !!

Don’t put much creedance into any weather reports for the D.R. I was there last week and the predicted rain came for 1 hour during my week there. On the opposite side I have gone to the D.R. and the weather report was horrible yet the weather was supurb!