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OMGoodness ~ T/A is up to their tricks again (or still)


I have put this under Cuba as most of the stuff with Trip Advisor acting up…so to speak pertained to Cuba reviews.

It started with me trying to post a review about our wonderful last trip to Paradisus Rio de Oro - its status went from ‘pending’ to gone…no email, no comments …just not there. I wrote another review about our Dec Mexico trip and resubmitted the Cuba June trip removing a word all in caps NOT to not thinking maybe that triggered something. The mexico got published but not the Cuba PRDO.

I turned to the help centre to find out why only to be told there must be a reason and the matter was closed. There was no reason, no discussion. I told PRDO what had happened as I was concerned that maybe T/A was culling reviews, and posted on a PRDO (closed) facebook group. To my surprise others commented the same was happening to their reviews. THEN…within a few days ALL my reviews other than one favourable to Playa Cost Verde were gone. So I went from 16 to 1 and all of my 30 or so photos were removed.

Wow ~ I write these reviews not for points or any reason other than a way to thank the hotel for their service or in 1 case warn about bad service and scummy hotel practices (Mexico).

It is not that many of us here have not had some posts removed from threads but I was unaware of such fraudulent behaviour with reviews. They say that reviews are there for the travel community to be more informed… Hummmm - something smells real foul.


TA is a business and it uses favourable reviews to sell ads.
Similar reviews have disappeared from the Cayo Ensenachos reports over the years.


canuks, can you link me the details needed to contact TA because I could not find it.
I was curious to ask them why my forum posts on reminding posters about the forum posting rules, including a copypaste of the posting rules as a reference, were deemed inappropriate.
Rather funny I thought:smile_cat:


TripAdvisor earns over a billion dollars a year in commissions from viewers who click on the ads and book accommodations.

I hope no one was thinking that those travel forums and reviews were there because TA was some kind hearted organization who just wanted to help out travellers on a non-profit basis. The only reason those forums and reviews there are to attract people to the TA site so they may click and earn TA a commission. And no rules of integrity apply.



While I was aware of this… at one level, I still took the time so that the resorts would have information out there for future travellers to read.

It got personal (and yes I should not have allowed it get that way) when they removed all my reviews and photos.

thanks guys for grounding me


canuks, If you haven’t yet, feel free to post them here. They won’t be removed unless you do it, LOL


Always do… :slight_smile:


I disagree with Bob’s post. If TA imply they are a site with honest reviews then they should be posting good and bad reviews. If they choose to delete reviews that may hurt their business then tell visitors to the reviews that that is what you are doing. It’s dishonest to do otherwise.


But rgdrg
this is what they have done for me…and a few others I have discovered on a PRDO Facebook (closed group) page. They have not posted reviews that follow all their guidelines. And when I questioned why mine was not posted they have eliminated all my reviews other than one back in 2004 ( i think) to another resort…plus removed all my photos


On the other hand, Kelly and Larry have played the church ladies into a frenzy lately. Puts them on edge and new posts are scrutinized more than usual.


Forum posts are one thing .
But honest hotel reviews should be left alone, good or bad .
Delfinitely payoffs going on there .

Johnny C


100% agree
comoman / Johnny


But the hotel owners probably don’t look at the forums - that’s why TripAdvisor can’t be bothered much with them either.


that is not accurate… The hotels are quite concerned about the reviews, and give them all a read - at least at the hotels we have visited - as they know it can influence future clients and also give them good feedback for consideration


The operators care about the reviews but, maybe not at all about the forums.


Spunky - exactly - that is what I was trying to say. The hotel owners and operators look at the reviews but not the forums. So Trip Advisor look at the reviews (and remove negative ones) but can’t be bothered about the forums.


Well, … while the reviews are indeed more important I have had one or 2 sales people at the different resorts ask me (as if I knew what to day :confused: ) What to do when there were some people spreading dis-information about a resort… As an example 2 years ago PRDO was doing a complete pool restoration so the main pool was closed July / Aug ( I think). There were all sorts of disinformation going around about resort being closed …e.t.c. a couple of the staff reached out to me and other repeat clients to reinforce the valid information that the resort was indeed open.

So while reviews are of key importance - they also are concerned if wrong or inaccurate information “Fake News” is being circulated.


I know for a fact that some hotels monitor reviews , and scan forums for forum topics with their hotels named in the Topic Title .
I have been told many times to please review their hotels, and correct
mis-formations on forums .
But I generally don’t like to get involved as my priorities and expectations in hotels are lower scale , unless the mis-information is out right completely wrong .

Johnny C