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On my Way

[b]Ciao amigo’s

Got to pack my bags and get ready to go, down the road in a couple of hours to YYZ, be back with lots of pics at months end.
Maybe a live from Steve’s on the 28th


[move]Hey fish guy get the Greenies ice cold[/move]

Have a wonderful, well deserved holiday!!! Maybe you could join us in PC for our Meet and Greet on April 22!!?? That would be nice. Surely you’ll need another “taste of Dominican” by then! Take care and have fun.

Have a great trip!!! Looking forward to your photo’s when you return.

Have a great trip, you will enjoy the Royal Suites on this vacation…say hi to 75f150 for me…

Wud are you doing reviews also of the 4 places you said you were visiting or just pictures?

Don’t wear yourself out.

Have a great vacation.



Espere que usted tenga un bueno viaje y tiempos buenos en Steve’s. :sunglasses:


RodnRachel :wink:

Mods, I think the Domingo’s violated language policy with this post.


Enjoy your trip Wud.


I got the message… ;D

yyz now waiting for my friends then to the bar, then sleep for bit

life is toooo short to sleep too much.

I am ordering some caesar pleaser for our trip there in Feb. I am going to book mark this post so maybe you could let us know if the supermercado has clamato juice for sale.
solo treinta mas dias, gracias

Hi Wud, have a great vacation, looking forward for your reviews and photos.

with all those premier liqueurs surrounding him i doubt he will have much hands free for the camera, he he.

Have a blast WUD… as I know you will… Buy Mike a grande cold one for me… square up later :slight_smile:

Home this morning at 5am to -1C instead of 34C…that sucks…going to sleep the day away…

To all those in the DR have fun, to al those dreaming of the DR, have a nice dream for me too

Mike, see you again soon… Pauline is talking about a mini trip during the year…so dont you and WUD drink em all ha ha ha

you should’ve told me that a bit earlier, he he
we will meet again for sure