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One reason some people leave this forum


If I may digress from the “what other forums do you visit” thread, one thing that realllllllllly frustrates me here is the lack of UPDATED hotel contact info. I don’t want to hear excuses or explanations: something must be done about this definite turnoff (imho)

I’m sure I am not alone to have informed the “powers that be” of new e-mail addresses or changes in management/hotel name, but not much has apparently been done in terms of follow-up.

Is there ONE person in charge of updating/verifying credible updates from travellers? I have often referred to Debbie’s contact info list, hoping to help others on other forums (mostly French language) who then write back to me with “nope, your info was wrong”… Seriously, it makes us all look bad.

I therefore respectfully and officially send this urgent request to the moderators (or whoever is in charge - Anybody home?)

Like Cher said to Nick Cage in Moonstruck: SNAP OUT OF IT! :o


Hmmm… tons of reads but no comments.
Am I to believe I am the only one who has anything to say? :-[


If I had any information to update, I would include it. When I go to a resort I never worry who is in charge. I take what I get and go to the bar.
I hated that movie.



Is there ONE person in charge of updating/verifying credible updates from travellers? [/quote]

There used to be!

I believe flygt (no longer active to my knowledge) actually started the resort contact thread and kept it updated with help from the members. He also took charge of a valuable thread which listed places we could take donations to, like churches, orphanages, clinics, etc.

When the forum was changed to this format by the new owners, the threads showed as having been started by the editor (which they were not!) and unfortunately many of these valuable threads also disappeared in the transition- including some I was keeping updated. Speaking for myself, I had direct access to my threads which is why I was able to add/change info as it became available and I tried to be diligent about keeping the info current.

These days, one can reasonably conclude that the editor/admin/people in charge just really don’t care about the forum any more. Why else would they not reply to members questions/info submissions/ PMs, etc. Nobody seems to be home!!!


I have to wonder the same as the above poster. I submitted a review way back in the spring. Actually re-submitted even and enquired as to why it’s not up. Still, there is no review. So if they won’t post reviews, it’s no wonder they don’t post updates.


I commented in the other thread, that one of the reason’s I visit this less, is the lack of info and reviews as well.

Even if the contact info isn’t up todate, at least on the other site there are enough users there that can fairly quickly provide a valid email address or #.

And while comments and questions are great for info, nothing beats people’s actual reviews of resorts, and I don’t even find those easy to locate here and not enough of them to give you a good overview of a particular resort.

That being said, this site has been a wealth of information in the past, just not so much now it seems.


And just where did that thread disappear to ???


it was moderated to death


It was a sad day when rules outrun social interactions. This was a good thread with lots of insight to fellow Cuban travellers. It is a real pitty that it has been distroyed. I dare say along with it some of the value of why we …many of us … are here.


I’m sorry that Martin has chosen to leave Debbie’s but I certainly understand his reasons. It’s unfortunate that a once vibrant, informative and occasionally fun forum is being moderated into obscurity.


I’m 100% positive that many will agree with this statement!


So, Let’s rebuild, eh?


So how’s that going to happen? New forum rules? New moderators? It’s unlikley that the current moderators are going to change their views about how the forum rules should be interpreted.


Start a discussion. Keep it civil and help new members, same as always.
Mods will come and go.
If you don’t like a Mod, ask the Editors to get a new one. Just ask.


Wishful thinking Spunky!

I’m aware of numerous such requests over the years that obviously have fallen on the editor’s deaf ears.