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One week versus Two weeks?

We are booked for our first two week vacation in April 2009. This will be our sixth caribbean vacation, but our first two week. I have heard many say that two weeks is too long, and ten days would be perfect. I am interested to hear the thoughts and opinions of those that have done both and how they compare ( other than the obvious element of price). ;D

Two weeks, hands down …

We are going down for 2 weeks in October, as it will be our first time for 2 weeks as well.

One week isn’t enough, so 2 should do us.


We do both and for our main vacation it’s always 2 weeks. In fact we’ve been at a few resorts where the 2 weeks just flew by and we were setting there on the next to last day saying we wished we had another week! On a 2 week trip you can just take a whole week to veg out and not feel like you are wasting your vacation. Besides with a 1 week one you really only have 5 days as 1 day is spent getting there and another getting ready to go home. With your 2 week vacation take your time getting to know the resort and the area - you won’t be rushed to check it all out the first day. When at the Palladium resorts a couple years ago I didn’t find the Hemmingway bar until the second week and it made it feel like a different vacation since we changed our evening routine to spend time there. If the resort has more then one buffet for breakfast or lunch we mix it up over the 2 weeks. Belive me the 2 weeks will fly by!

When we first started vacationing down south 8-)…we only did one week. But when the last couple days arrived we would just 'vegout & do nothing…trying to make time stand still… ::slight_smile: ;D We changed it to two weeks.
For sure…2 weeks is the way to go, for us anyway.

:sunglasses: for us def 2…we did a one wk last minute with friends some yrs back and gee like someone said it really was like 5 cuz of the coming & going home part lol…but for hubby and my self we love the good life and could go for a 6 wker hahaah…gotta love the no cooking, cleaning and just having fun period!!!my take!

From what I have seen the price for two weeks is not that much more than the one.

For us 2 weeks is the best option. It is a 5:15 hour flight from here, plus you have to be at the airport 3 hours ahead of time. Our flights leave after supper so I have usually worked all day, getting up @5.:30 am. The return flight always leaves the DR in the late morning/early afternoon so you are lucky you get breakfast before the bus comes to pick you up. Right off the bat you have lost two full days and a 14 day holiday is now down to 12. With two weeks you can take a couple days of vegging and then a day for a trip into town or what ever else you want to do and rotate them without feeling like you are missing anything

We always go for 2 weeks as the second week doesn’t cost that much more because you have already paid your flight, taxes and insurances (if you opt for those). Like others said, one week might only give you about 5 days of actual “vacation time”. Also if you choose a different resort from previous years , two weeks gives you lots of time to learn the lay-out of the new place and enjoy all of the amenities.

Years ago we did 1 week in the spring. Now we wouldn’t even think about 1 always do 2 weeks. In the fall we have done 1 week and that is fine but, once we have been thru a long winter can’t wait to get away for 2 weeks.

We usually go for 2 weeks as 1 week is not nearly enough because you automatically lose a day going down.
Throw in a flight delay and you’re wondering where your holiday went. And, two weeks does not cost very much more than 1 week.

Representative sample, YTT, only picked one …
LTI Beach Resort, Conquest Vacations, ex Toronto, Feb 15.
7 days, $1203.84 + $308 taxes/fees (2 persons = $3023.68)
14 days, $2106.24 + 308 taxes/fees (2 persons = $4828.48)
The 7 day package works out to $431.95 / day where the 14 day package works out to $344.89 / day. The difference is about $87.06 / day

Hey Bob…are both of your upcoming trips 2 weekers ???..You 'lucky duck" you!
I do my 2 week trip over the Christmas holidays. But this spring we are invited to a relatives wedding in DR…that will be only 1 week…(the newlyweds are sending us all home and have the second week alone ;))
Hey sounds good to me.

We are going for 2 weeks and it is only costing us and extra $500 (apporx) each.

Our first winter vacation we did one week. Not long enough. We have always gone for two since then. Because we often fly on aeroplan miles, we are now up to 16 nights. Its a nice long vacation. Probably won’t make it to three weeks for awhile but looking forward to it.

[quote=@tanlines]Hey Bob…are both of your upcoming trips 2 weekers ???..You 'lucky duck" you!
I do my 2 week trip over the Christmas holidays. But this spring we are invited to a relatives wedding in DR…that will be only 1 week…(the newlyweds are sending us all home and have the second week alone ;))
Hey sounds good to me.[/quote]
I practice what I preach … ::slight_smile:
Interestingly enough, a few years ago I found a two week package, same date and tour company, that was less than the one week package. I booked it before anyone changed their mind.

I really don’t think one week is worth puttig your butt on a plane for :wink:

Well yes. But some people can only manage to get one week away. And when it comes to one week or not going at all, the choice seems pretty obvious …

Hello Everyone
for us also, 2 weeks is the way to go. We find that you can take the days to do the trips, excursions, and rainy days and then you still have more time…
you can truly relax and enjoy the sounds of nothing. I have a crazy job where I am on call 24-7 and this two weeks in February out of the country… with no contact from work. I actually negotiated that into my contract… just to make sure that my two weeks could never be changed to one…

It is next to impossible for us to take 2 weeks :’( ~ my husband’s type of job just won’t allow it ~ I had him talked into 10 days for our trip in 2009 ~ however coming home flight times were way to late getting us back to Toronto at 2am which we do not like ~ so until he retires (another 7 - 8 years) ~ we will be happy to do at least one week ~ he even said that for a retirement gift we can do 3 weeks!! ~ gotta love that!! :slight_smile:

Happy Save Travels to everyone!