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One year to plan--- please help me

Hello all- Im so glad I found this great place. It is loaded with great info…
OK… so Im planing a trip to the DR to celebrate my 40th BD next November :o. I have plenty of time to plan and get this right…
Can any of you nice folks recommend an all inclusive place? Im looking for romantic but not boring, clean, friendly, beautiful, fun but not the top party spot, good drinks, great beach (not too much topless if possible-i may have a friend with a 9year old come for a day or two) If not adult only not swarming with kids.
I will be going the 2nd week of Nov 2009.
I would like to get the biggest bang for the buck… who wouldn’t right!
Im counting on all of you expert advise… I look forward to your response!! ;D

First of all I don’t think you can actually pick one resort over another that has more or less top-less bathers. They will be at all resorts no matter which one you go to. I would think you should pick a resort that has several resorts in it (complex) that should meet your needs. Also many of these resorts do have an adult section only in them. However if you do have a child who is coming there for a few days with a friend I’m sure they will need a day pass if they are not staying at that resort.
There are several dozen wonderful resort that will and can meet your needs such as the Palladium Royal Suites as an example. However always read the reviews about the resort(s) before making your final decision. Happy hunting ;D

Bahia Principe complex would be an excellent choice.
The Ambar is the adult only section but you have access to both the Punta Cana and Bavaro sections of the resort as well.
Decent nightly entertainment and quite a fun disco as well.
Not party central like Cancun either.
Plenty of reviews available on this site to help you make your selection.

I haved travelled 4 times to DR, and there are alot of wonderful resorts. Depending on your budget(although november being low season) Melia Caribe is wonderful and has great activities for children (has its own section)that would be my first pic and there are 9 a la carte restaurants. A definit possibility I think!!!

If you are going to have a kid I would recommend Club Med (i would recommend without a kid too), IMO second best beach. Puntacana Club IMO has the best beach, but its not all-inclusive. These two are actually in Punta Cana, not Bavero.

Not sure if you would want to do one of the Adult only sections. From my understanding you would be able to stay there but your friend with the 9 yr old would not even be able to join you for meals! I also belive at the Ambar - you wouldn’t be able to join them at the other buffets either!

Turns out there will be no children joining us. So an adult only section sounds good to me.

the only adult only section that I have had any experience with was the Catalonia Royal and I would not hesitate to recommend it.


Hi Stills!! long time NO chat!!

I hope all is going well for you. We still haven’t been able to meet up for that glass of vino in our beloved Punta Cana… We just got back yesterday, and are already looking forward to our next trip in a matter of weeks! Are you booked for anytime soon??

I don’t think you have been “home” in a while…so you must be due??

which was the adult only you stayed at? Was it the Princess?


Lynn: We hope to go to PC in Nov. and also Cuba in April. Just got back two weeks ago from Greece. I’ve PM you.