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Online booking question

Ok, so I tried the trick of checking for “flight only” to see how many seats on the plane are available and it came up with two entries, at different prices, for the same flight (and same kind of duplication for other airlines/flights). I tried booking 10 people, at both price levels, and I get an error message at both price levels unless I book 6 people or fewer. Can somebody tell me what this means? Are there just 6 seats left on the flight, and if so, why do they offer two different prices? ???

don’t know on the pricing but it sounds to me that there is six or more seats left but less than ten

I don’t know why it doesn’t let you “book” 10 people,maybe it means,they only have 6 seats left. As for the different prices ,the plane is “divided” by classes …H,J,Y and so on (you can find this on your ticket).The wholesellers buy ,lets say 50 seats in different class-means different price for each class.That’s why the person next too you on the plane might pay a lot less/more for the same flight. Hope this help :slight_smile:

Thanks, that does help. Maybe they only have (say) 4 seats of class H plus 2 seats of class J or something like that.