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Ontario getting whacked with snow


So, how bad is it where you live? Left for work in Guelph this morning about 6:00. Maybe 3 inches over night. It started snowing about 7:30 here at the shop. I’ve been outside a couple of times trying to keep the door ways clean. Can’t keep up with it.
But as someone pointed out to me, this is the kind of weather we grew up with, and we had to walk to school up hill both ways.
Just have to keep remembering, 6 weeks from now, at about this time they will be serving me breakfast on the plane heading to CL.


We had to walk up hill to school both ways also growing up in Cape Breton and the winters were a lot worse then, than they are now. Currently just cloudy and cold here but a blizzard warning is in effect for tonight and tomorrow. Expecting between 30 and 40cm of blowing snow. Have the snowblower fueled and ready to go as well as the generator on standby in case we lose power here at home again. Like you we keep thinking that in our case 64 more days we will be on our way to our home away from home at the Blau Costa Verde.


We’re south of Cambridge in the country and it’s not all that bad here. Everything closed though.
I stocked up the wood pile in the house last night and also filled 10 gal of water jugs in case our power/water go off. It happens way too often. Filled the bird feeder and spent the morning watching the birds chowing down.
Can’t decide whether to plow the driveway now or wait until it is finished snowing and then it’s twice the work. I’m just waiting until noon so I can have a sip of the Cuban rum I brought back a few weeks ago.


Very cold temps here, as it has been over the last week; today, we’re getting high winds and a bit of the white stuff, but no accumulation expected until… Monday morning, say around traffic time ::slight_smile: when we’ll be getting what New England’s getting now.

Yeah, I remember those days… that “particular” shade of blue my legs were after walking to school in my mini-skirt (what were we thinking!). Took hours to thaw ;D
Not to mention the look on my cousin’s face, during a little friendly competition: You call THAT a fort?"

But of course, me mum would say, “Yeah, but we walked BAREFOOT in the snow to school and often followed by a hungry wolf or two”, just to add a bit of drama.

No worries. Got the wood stove goin’, got my cortado to heat up my insides, and just marked off another day on the calendar (20 days and counting ;D ) hoo hah Dontcha just luv winter? :sunglasses:


In 20 days the bananas will be in bloom here in Ontario. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:


We have about 10" of snow, just enough to make me plug in the tractor for later on today. Had a bit of trouble getting out the laneway this morning, shovelled in a couple spots. The B100dy laneway is 1/4 mile long!
So the goundhog says 6 weeks until spring. Thats a lot better than the month and a half we were expecting.


OK, just got back in after plowing for an hour. Worse than I thought. I only got the front half done then decided I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. Lots of trucks on the highway out front but no sign of a plow in the hour I was out there. Getting close to the worst we’ve had here in 30 years. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes.


Oh dear! Will they have to call out the army again? ;D

It’s sunny here right now with a high of 9 degrees forecast for today.
I don’t miss Toronto winters one bit!


91 degrees real temperature, sunny with a light breeze rustling through the coconut palms. :sunglasses:


Oh, that’s just not fair! I’ve been out shovelling my way into the barn for the umpteenth time today. Winter is getting old very fast. Tomorrow will be soon enough for the driveway, if I can get the tractor started. :stuck_out_tongue:


Was out once this morning to shovel and snowblow. Have to keep an area clear for our cocker spaniel. He doesn’t like to get his tootsies full of snow. Got my 350 foot driveway done but I am looking out at it blowing back in. Time for a drink of HC to warm up.


Okay, it is April. Turn off the taps. Who wants to go groundhog hunting in Wiarton with me?


3 feet of snow on the ground and more coming.
Got me some new ground-hog mud flaps , that lying b@$tard.
Last year , I was in our pool on May 7th with the water temp of 61 F. Okay , a little cool but one return swim from end to end counts as a swim in a a 55 ft long pool.
Right now as I look towards the pool , I can see the snow bump that has a waterfall under it somewhere.




Hahaha, I’m actually starting to feel sorry for you guys- NOT

I’ve been mowing the lawn since early March, planted the peas and lettuce in the garden on the weekend, balcony planters and hanging baskets are doing well and the yerba buena is up and growing. Won’t be long before we sip mojitos on our balcony! I’ve been wearing shorts, T-shirt & sandals past two days.

Someone needs to have a serious chat with Wiarton Willy. Sounds like he’s a fraud or maybe his handlers are politicians?


My bananas are in bloom, the koi are doing naughty things to each other and I will have to cut the grass this weekend. What’s this about winter??