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Opinions - Hamaca Coral


Good or bad, I would love to hear some personal opinions of Hamaca Coral Hotel.

Is it a Hilton now? I am having trouble finding a home website for it.

I feel safe that I know enough about the water issue, but anything else?

Silly question, but are there sharks? First time on a “warm” vacation, really.

Am bringing school supplies, and lots of American singles.

Thanks so much!
;)Glenda :wink:


Coral Hamaca becomes
Hotel Hamaca





Sorry for posting in the wrong board! I didnt realise I was on the south coast! My appologies!

We are booked and it is All Inclusive, but anything you all could tell me that could help once we are there would be great!


There is absolutely no need what so ever to apologize for putting your thread in the wrong forum. I am willing to bet almost all of us have gone this at one time or another. Most important of all welcome to DDTF


There are several reviews about this resort in the review section of DDTF. However they seem to be about a year old. Most if not all of the reviews were very positive in their writing(s)
Do not worry one bit about the sharks. Completely safe :sunglasses:


Thanks for the reply, stillgotit! I was getting worried. I realize that the other posting are all old, and was looking for a more recent one. But, I will go with the old saying, no news is good news. I think more would reply if it was terrible.

This is my first real vacation since I was 17, so I know I will be pleased, no matter what. With all the good advice here, I feel prepared.

I have posted over in the Beyond the Beach thread, but no response - I really wanted to meet a family or school, and share my experience with my school and administration. I hope it can work out. I have supplies coming out the wazoo!

Thanks again, and I will dip in the ocean, since I don’t have to worry about JAWS!



chicklet, at the Hamaca Coral you are relatively close to Santo Domingo and can assist the impoverished in that community.

If you’re interested, please take a look at my pictures posted at:


and then let me know if you’d like to arrange a visit to this area or would like to help these poorest of the poor.

I have another option in Bayahibe as well, but that’s a bit further away than Santo Domingo is from the Hamaca.

Kaki :smiley:


Thanks for the info - I have tried to email you but perhaps it didnt work. Yes, I am very interested in arranging a visit in Santo Domingo. Please post here or send a private message and I will give you my contact email. Thanks!