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OT: Who are you?

After lurking on this forum and following what’s going on, I, finally, decided to join even though the petty sniping is annoying ::slight_smile: there’s still plenty of good information provided between the jabs.
Here’s a bit about me:

1.Retired teacher
2.Love crosswords, Scrabble and an avid reader
3.Enjoy photography

Lots of music to choose from but I’ll settle for:

  1. The Animals - We Gotta Get Out of This Place (my retirement song ;D)
  2. Patsy Cline - Crazy

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it’s all that matters.”

  1. I’m a certified Cabinetmaker/Furnituremaker (a dying trade :’( )
  2. I’ ve just started a grassroots campaign to try and get an official day recognized to celebrate the trades… “Skilled Trades day”
  3. I 'm a dancing fool, just ask my friends…lol

My music taste is extremely eclectic! I truely love songs/music from all genres.

I too love “Hallelujah”.

1 of my all time favs is by Pink Floyd “Wish you were here” and another is more current by One Republic “Secrets”

I do love to listen to to classical too, when the time is right. :slight_smile:

My favourite sayings is from the book Count of Montecristo by Alexander Dumas, (I’ll paraphrase)…

"Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout … Do your worst, for I will do mine! "

  1. Newly retired Network Administrator
  2. Looking for a boat, so want to get into Boating
  3. Love Hockey

No real favourite songs, love all types pop, rock and country (Alice Cooper, Deep Purple and the Zach Brown Band)

“Sarcasm one of my many talents”

OT forum should be under the General topic up on top not down at the bottom where it is now

  1. 2 great kids.
  2. My wife & I recently opened a small retail business.
  3. I work at the world’s largest operating nuclear power facility.

Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World - the LP version, not the radio play version.

Bucket List saying: I’d like to make it a true Daily Double, Alex.

Headstone saying: - I regret NOTHING I have done, only that which I did not do.

I make wrought iron furniture
I own a company that makes acrylic windows for sale across Canada
I have consumed rum on the beach in groups with no clothes on ( shriek !! )

Jimi Hendrix " All along the Watchtower " Best guitar tune ever !
George Thorogood " Gearjammer "

Nothing is impossible

I retired 10 years ago.
Am trying to improve my guitar playing before my memory is completely gone.
Love being in, on or near water.

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen
Any songs by Dire Straits or Joe Cocker

“Enought talking - just get it done.”

  1. I am the Quality/Patient Safety Coordinator at our hospital.
  2. Grandma of 3 and 1 on the way :smiley:
  3. Love hot weather

I don’t really have a favourite song as I enjoy a variety…except can only tolerate Country music in minute quantities

“Those that mind, don’t matter and those that matter, don’t mind.”


  1. Retired 6 years and loving every minute of it.
  2. Love singing - Church Choir, 2 Community Choirs,
    weddings, funerals.
  3. Spending time with my granddaughters.

Music - any Buddy Holly (there - I’m showing my age!)
-Where No One Stands Alone (Gospel song recorded by
Elvis. As a Senior I CAN change my mind ! )

“Life is short - eat dessert first”

I bookmarked the ‘search’ feature and just bring up the last 10 (or whatever) most recent posts on the entire forum. That is almost always Cuba but ya never know.

BTW: semi retired Pro photographer/business owner, former chef/restaurant owner, and thinking about doing the TICO exam to become a travel agent. Problem is, they don’t make much $$.

Prefer silence to music. Nature provides all the music I want.

  1. Small buisness owner

  2. Currently owned by 2 Rottweilers and 2 Cats

  3. Very Passionate about the Ocean and Beach front resorts.

Hard to pinpoint favorite songs or, musicals but my most favororite CD’s are:

  1. Enigma MCMXC a.D
  2. Delerium Karma

Tend to shake my head and say
"Highly, Educated, Stupid people"

I am a jumper from Trip Advisor so here goes;

  1. I retired from the Navy in 1996 and now work for a living
  2. From Oct. 1st to Feb28th, anything that moves is fair game. Yes, I love to hunt.
  3. And of course, we love Cuba

favorite songs; anything country but love Johnny Reid

favorite saying: Build a bridge and get over it.

Holy smokin’ old thread. Well, I’ll play!

1./ Manager of a specialty valve supply house (and part owner)
2./ I love to cook, I love to cook, I love to cook, I love to cook, I love to cook, I love to cook. (Along the same lines, I’m a coffee freak to the point I roast my own beans and have 7 ways to brew in the house, no $Bux for me)
3./ We own 2 retired Greyhounds (or should I say, they own us)

Plenty of great tunes above, and if you like Cohen’s Hallelujah, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTELtnq_4dY for a Christmas version, not done by Cohen, but still stirring.

I’m a music nut and picking just 2 is tough.
1./ Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
2./ G’nR - Estranged (Nobody, BUT NOBODY, conveys emotion on a guitar like Slash)

I saw this saying on FB on New Year’s Day and it immediately became my favourite:

“This year is a new book with 365 pages. Write a good one.”

I’m already in on this thread, but since life always brings changes I would like to update my music selection and add this tune:

[a href=“http://panflute.net/shop/albums_flash/index_shop.html"]"Song for our Fathers”[/a]

I really love the sound of the pan flute, and this is one of the most beautiful compositions I have heard. Click on “Voyage 11” and the track six link and you will hear a sample clip.