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[b]Our Moderators have received several e-mails expressing concern about the handling of links to other websites and raising the issue of whether any individuals or groups receive more leeway in the enforcement of the posting guidelines to their posts.

In order to set the record straight please know that we cannot permit any DIRECT links to other websites with the exceptions of those shown on our main panel; Debbie’s Dominican Travel, Debbie’s Caribbean Resort Reviews, Debbie’s Caribbean Resort Forums, Beyond the Beach, Wud Maps and Debbie’s Hotel Reviews USA and Canada. These are our official affiliates. This is not so much a change in policy as a restatement in light of recent misunderstandings.

For any others who want to list their Web Site URL: or Home Website URL, you may do this in your profile or in your Signature Line as we have always been fairly tolerant in personal signatures. Places are provided for this and you may also choose, like many have done, to insert your email address in your signature line along with your vacation countdown timers.

This has no impact whatsoever on the posting of URLs within the body of a posting as long as they have relevance to the issue being discussed in the thread and are not blatant self-promotion. If I were to recommend a particular resort or excursion or restaurant I may still reference their website URL. We have always been tolerant of this as it is relevant and useful information for the DR traveller. For business owners or those with an interest in local businesses the rules against blatant self-promotion apply but you may still reference your business and website URL in your Signature Line.

We have always striven to treat all members equally, here at Debbie’s and this policy will continue unchanged for the foreseeable future. We will do our utmost to ensure across the board, uniform enforcement of all rules to all posters, period.

We have Terms of Service with which to abide and we will do so whatever we can to ensure compliance to the TOS by all.

Originally composed by Señor Wud; edited on request by Gregg.[/b]


As a paying advertiser on the board I just wanted to know if posting a link is allowed? Wondered what the stipulations are?


Im sorry to say, but I dont understand this rule or understand why this is happening, I think other sites may be helpfull and I think this rule really bites(but I will follow it),Maybe another soloution is the Mods verify the content of a third party site if another memember sends them the link then it gets posted


Phil you are an advertiser on Debbie’s main site not here, this is an free server board with advertisements only from the server, you may use the lines as mentioned in aforementioned post for your las Cana project.

Northerale1, there is no problem placing links to other information in a post and or your signature line, we just will not and cannot allow a link to be posted in the same manner as the Beyond the Beach logo as an example. We for instance will not put up this kind direct link to Trip Advisor, POP Report, DR1 or Ed’s Bar Room Banter etc. but a person may quote information from a website with a link to the information in a post or put the link in their signature line.


Thanks for the clearification Wud…