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Our Lady of Altagracia Day


We noticed that Jan 21 is a holiday in the DR…Our Lady of Altagracia Day. Does anyone know if the resorts do anything special on this day?


I would be interested in the answer to this as well. I am sure someone will know and respond.


It’s a long weekend for Dominicans and those that can afford it often flock to AIs for the weekend to eat and drink to excess - just like any long weekend or any excuse, for that matter.



It is a holiday in honor for the patron saint of the country; nearby Higuey, the home of many of the resort workers, is the center of festivities. There will be hundreds of thousands of pilgrims visiting the holy shrines in the city.

The resorts do not do anything special. Out of respect for the day some may cut back on activities. Other than that it is a normal day for the resorts and visitors.