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Our May Visit To Cuba

We will do three stays - the second & third week of May - Brisas Guardavalaca - Melia Hotel Santiago - Marea Del Portillo resort.
If you see us please feel free to stay - Hi !!!
Me - Six ft. - 230 lbs and still on a diet - Large cow boy hat - sun glasses - slight limp and use a Indian carved walking stick’
Michel - 13 - slight build - light complexion / hair. Loves to ride horses very fast.
Angelica - 11 but thinks she is 17 - dark hair with natural red streaks - very big for her age . One of the best youth dancers in Eastern Cuba and will be dancing in the evening main stage show at the Brisas.

I would be glad to see you and meet you once but unfortunately at that time I will not be in Cuba but I am sure you guys will have lots of fun. Maybe some of our members will be able to see you as they might travel same time as you guys. Anyway you picked nice hotels and destinations on your 84th trip to Cuba!

Michel and Angelica are related by adoption to Dr. Jose Machado Venture the former First Vice President of Cuba.


My Canadian / Cuban children are directly related to this late lady. ::::

cubaking…don’t you find May too hot for visiting Cuba…even in April I find that I mind the heat…

No - the temperture is around 28 C - but it may be rainy.

I went end of May in 2011. It was extremely hot…40+ degrees. Even me…Certified Beach Bum… seeked shade between the hours of noon and 2pm

You must have had too much rum - highest temperature ever in Cuba 38.8 C - Manzanillo - Granma.

Hope that you have a great time Gordon.

Have a great trip and remember, it can be 50C or higher in the sun.

[quote=@cubakingone]You must have had too much rum - highest temperature ever in Cuba 38.8 C - Manzanillo - Granma.[/quote]Yep in the shade…that’s why I drink my rum while sitting in the shade

Is this with humidity or without humidity? It can’t be possible that in Canada we had higher temperature than in Cuba.
July 5, 1937 Midale, Saskatchewan and Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan 45.0 °C

P.S. I did some research now and I realized that actually highest temperature in Cuba recorded was 38.8c so @cubakingone is right. Only problem is if they measured all the time like we do in Canada.

I think Blixem was 40+ in the sun. That’s why he moved to the shade.
Official recorded temps are taken in the shade.

Correct, I was quoting the “Feels Like”. Here’s the current weather at the Cayo Largo airport:

… better than the balmy 7C we have at the moment here but I’m not complaining…it’s above freezing!

Thaks Bellagio - This may be last visit to Eastern Cuba - I like Iberostar Varadero - no steps. During the summer Port Alberni wil be over 40 C 0n a few days. Guantanamo is the hotest area of Cuba followed by Santiago - Granma.