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Our newest web site


Pat and I are pleased to announce that we have started a new web site for hotel reviews for Canada and the U.S., which we anticipate will become as popular as our Dominican and Caribbean web sites. But we need reviews to get this going! If you have stayed at a hotel or resort in Canada or the U.S. within the last year, please send us a review for posting!

Our web site is at: http://www.debbieshotelreviews.com and reviews can be sent to: reviews@debbieshotelreviews.com



What a great idea for all us travelers in Canada and the USA. This web site just can’t get any better as it is perfect right know.


Great idea Debbie.

My hubby and I just said that we would like to see more of Canada, this will help us in our decisions!



What a great idea. As we hope to do more traveling in the future (youngest just headed to college) this would come in very handy.

I have a couple of reviews that I will get off in the next couple of days.

All the best.



Bravo! Carabiens are great but we can’t be there all the time . It will surely help decide which hotels or resort to visit in Canada and the U.S. Thanks you keep getting better and better , like a good wine :wink:


Great site, all the best!!


i am so happy about this as i always had to go to a different site to get reviews and i like debbies site much better and the people are much more sinsear ( sp?) Good work.


New site is awesome :slight_smile:


looks great


Very Very nice.
We have stayed at a few really nice places in the Finger Lakes Wine Country.

Nothing will ever replace “Our D.R.” but sometimes we just need to do a short weekend get-away to pass the time till our next D.R. trip ;D

We will try and get a few concise reviews together to post.

Cograts on another FINE web-site.

Joe & Karen :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Awesome idea! It’s always nice to get away for a few nights - the new site will make our weekend getaways that much easier to plan!

We’ll be staying at a Marriott in Toronto the night we return from Punta Cana in a few weeks, so I guess I’ll have triple the homework (hmm, how to prioritize - I’ll have a medical terminology midterm 3 days after returning, and I have to write a review of the Bavaro Princess AND the hotel in Toronto! Lord have mercy…) :wink:


I know … write the Bavaro Princess review on your return flight. ;D
… then stay off the travel selloff sites until you’ve written the midterm and posted your Marriott review.
If we see you post travel dates on the “Meeting Place” board before your reviews and exam, you’re gonna be in big trouble. :wink:


Actually, writing my review on the plane is a really good idea! ;D You might just be on to something there…


Interesting concept. Personally I think you should try to get all the going south market… Your Dominical Republic site kicks butt, your caribabean site needs some help…


This is a great idea. Though there are lots of sites that already do this, i’m never super confident of the information on there (and yes, we all know which site I am talking about). To get hotel reviews from people who’s opinions I already trust will be great.



Awesome Idea :slight_smile: