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Our Wedding is Official


November 3, 2006…We did it and it was BEAUTIFUL! Lilliana took care of everything. Our wedding day was a complete blessing :smiley: Words cannot express my feelings. The resort was elegant, everything I had imagined. The service was impecable! Our guests enjoyed themselves for the whole 4 days they were there. If you plan on having your wedding at the Melia, you’ve made the right choice. Don’t listen to the negativity which was what I was so paranoid over. I went through 3 different coordinators before I got Liliana. The week before I left for the resort, she called me at home every day to put my mind at ease, which was very nice of her to do. I am trying to figure out how to post my wedding album. It’s in kodakgallery, let’s give it a try…if you can’t get through, PM me and I’ll give you the password.



congradulations!!! iam glad you had a great time… I can’t wait for mine in April at breezes POP



Congrats and have a wonderful life together. :sunglasses:


kcadet - hi so glad you had such a good time, I cannot see your pictures unfortunately i get straight to a sign on page.


The password is sunshine


stii doesnt work need an email address to go with password


I am so happy for you, Congrats!!!

I am glad to hear it was great, getting married there on the 11th of January and was starting to get worried. You have put my mind at ease, maybe now I can let my nails grow! :smiley:

:frowning: can’t see your pictures though…



Hi Ladies,

Sorry for the mess with the album. If anyone is familiar with Kodak gallery, PM me with instructions on how to upload it to this website. I will also try to put them in a more friendly for posting. I have a lot of pictures to share.


Congrats!!! I wish you and your husband a wonderful life together.


well I’m very happy for you ! I remember way back when it was in the planning stages and you and I corresponded a few times. I knew it would all work out for you. Congratulations ! Hopefully your pictures can be straightened out so that we can check them out.


I tried to see your pics but no luck, my email is susan_gullion@hotmail.com
I really would love to see them.
thanks so much


Congratulations on your big day!



Please do not use capital letters as it is a form of shouting. Thank you so very much. Stillgotit


I did not realize that my caps were on, I am sorry if anyone took that as a form of shouting.


Hi Ladies,

It’s been a while since I last posted a message. With life back to normal with the family/work/and school, I finally found some time to upload my pictures in webshots. I hope this link works this time.


If it does work. I hope you enjoy viewing the wonderful memories we were blessed to create.



Thanks for sharing all those great pictures. :sunglasses:


Hey Karen. Just saw your pics. Everything looked great. I see you even got the little beach themed photo albums. Aren’t they great ? My guests really liked the gifts we gave them and my niece has her little album with all the pics with her all the time. I’m so glad it all turned out well. My husband and I are planning to go back to the Melia this summer. Anyway, congratulations ! The pictures are great.


your Wedding Pictures are gorgeous…
I loved your dress!
Thank you for sharing your memories.
Wishing you and your husband many years of happiness and love.


oh my gosh… I just looked at all your pictures. They are wonderful. Congrats! I am soo excited, you guys are gonna drive me crazy.


KC, did you sing to your husband? or was it a speech? Either way, that was such a sweet personal touch.