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Our wedding review is posted




Congrats. and thank you so much for the review. Now life for the both of you just got started and I’m sure you will have many many happy years together.


Thanks for the review and Congratulations!! Your pictures are awesome, and it looks like everyone had a fabulous time.


Absolutely Amazing Pictures!
The Rice throwing is my Fave and the one running on the beach!

My dress is almost the same as your wife’s!!! It’s a Maggie Sottero dress for sure :wink: :sunglasses:

Congratulations on your wedding day! Your both a beautiful couple!!

Cin ;D


Thank you to everyone for all the valuable info! We couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

Who says you can’t plan a perfect wedding in 3 months?


Congratulations. Your pictures were absolutely beautiful.


Just wanted to say your photos are beautiful. this resort is one of my choices (I have it narrowed down to two). I just have a question if you don’t mind - my only concern with the resort is the size of the gazebo. I see you had about 30 people, were they all able to see the ceremony? Any info you could give me would be great. Thanks


yeah they were all able to see the ceramony. If we had one thing to change it would be where they set up the chairs for the guests.

Basically when you stepped into the gazeebo, we were seated to the left and the minister was facing us to the right. The hotel had set up all the chairs to the left so the guests couldn’t really see us. When the ceramony began they all moved to the right an could see fine.

This really wasn’t a big deal because you had to stand for the ceramony anyway. Not sure the reasoning, but we weren’t even expecting chairs, nor were we expecting a waiter.


Wow! Your pictures are fabulous. Especially the beach and rice ones… I know the photographer at the resort and he really is talented and a nice guy. I am glad he did good by you guys! Congratulations!


Ottawa, your pics are fabulous. I mean it, they are sooo professionally done. I am now thinkin about having mine there, just for those pics. Who knew rice could look so good?