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Overbooking at the bahia Principe San Juan

Have heard that at times the Bahia Principe tends to over book . Some people have been moved to other resorts . Has this happen to anyone lately ?

During our visit to the Bahia Principe San Juan earlier this year, it was overbooked on the weekends. We were there for two weeks, so we went through two weekends. Within two hours of checking in, we were approached about giving up our room and moving to another Bahia resort in Samana. We were asked any time we dealt with the front desk, when we booked a la cartes, and were consistently approached when we relaxed on the beach. Dominicans have a hard time understanding the word “no”.

The offer they made was four days/three nights at their new resort in Samana, and they would provide transportation. Plus, they paid you a small amount of U.S. cash. In some ways the offer was enticing…BUT… in essence, you would be giving up two days of your beach time, because the bus trip each way was about four hours. Also, they would not guarantee you would have the same level of room when you returned to your original resort.

The over booking appears to be for two reasons. One, the weekends are the heavy customer turnover time. We arrived and departed from the resort midweek, but the majority checked in and out on the weekend. The resort is at its busiest on weekends. Secondly, a lot of Dominicans visit the resorts on weekends. It’s quite possible employees are trying to free up some rooms so family/friends have a place to stay.

Having said all that, we never saw anyone forced to leave because of over-booking. However, some folks who arrived on the first weekend of our visit were given a room for their first couple of nights in the resort’s overflow section which is located quite distant from the main resort (at the end of the resort’s long driveway). That same section is also where some of the hotel’s entertainment staff stay. The compensation they received was a free lobster dinner.

Overbooking is not unique to the Bahia Principe. We have also seen it at resorts in Cayo Coco, Cuba. However, in those cases, we were never approached about vacating our rooms.

In my humble opinion I would consider it a plus to be moved from this resort.

jahaira, if it was March break, we would be inclined to agree with you. However, during our visit in February and early March, it was a wonderful experience. We would never discourage travellers from visiting this resort, and are looking forward to our own return there; just not during March break.

Thank You for the response , We under stand about the overbooking . If you have to be put some where they had better make it the same type of accomadations . And we also feel that once they move you maybe it would be nice if you could stay there instead of moving around ( as long as it is a nice place ) .