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Owl at Paradisus Rio del Oro

I couldn’t resist posting this. This is an owl that was hanging around the plant nursey at Paradisus at Guardalavaca. I managed to spot him a few times over the two weeks I was there. Oh yeah, it’s a Cuban Pygmy Owl.

[img width=“787” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/Paradisus%20Rio/IMG_0286_zps3084c3c2.jpg” style=“width:738px;height:557px;max-width:100%;” height=“602”]

[b]Great Shot, sssnaakesalive! We so loved the Paradisus Rio de Oro!
A real variety of flora and fauna are to be found there! And loved walking through the garden plant nursery!
One visit, there was a pig roaming along the pathway near the Pool Restaurant and the Activities Hut, stopping me in my tracks when I was trying to get to our room :o
Not sure what happened to him, but I do have my theory:



That was an interesting article. I was unaware that the fitness center employee had such a prestigious resume.

Great picture, Thanks

beautiful owl. Thank you for the share

Nice picture! Wish I’d seen it when I was there.

The gardeners who work at the plant nursery near the fitness centers told me that they see it often.

I have been to the MRDO six times and saw a huge iguana on a rock pile on the road to the Royal Section.

That is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day. Thank you.

I love the shot. Looks like OWL was looking at you at the moment. Those owls in Cuba know where to go and pose and enjoy their time at Paradisus at Guardalavaca as I did not see them at Club Amingo Guardalavaca :slight_smile:

sssnakes, how big is the owl? It’s hard to tell the size from the pic. Beautiful bird.

It’s a very small owl. The name says it all: Cuban Pygmy Owl. I can’t say exactly the height, but it wasn’t very big, Perhaps the same size as our own Screech Owl: taken in my back yard at home;

[img width=“794” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/039_zps6e22c68c.jpg” style=“width:743px;height:550px;max-width:100%;” height=“590”]

You are such a talented photographer!

What lens and camera are you using?

I certainly wouldn’t use the word talented. You have to look for these things. My vacations and time at home usually involve lots of walking and bird watching or looking for any form of wildlife or plant life. You really have to put a lot of time in to find things that are worth photographing. I am strictly amateur. You have to take lots of shots to get a few good ones.

I use a Canon point and shoot. I forget the model name, but it cost under 300 dollars. I use to have a very expensive Canon but the electronics fried after I spent too much time exposing it to direct sunlight ( not the first time I ruined a camera this way either). When I walk around now in a hot climate, I keep the camera in a bag until i am ready to use it. I usually bring three cameras on vacation with me now, in case I ruin another one.

You’ve got good eyes, ssssnakes. I can count on one hand (and have four fingers left over) how many times I’ve managed to see an owl.

I use a Canon point and shoot. [/quote]

Than that is even better if you can do nice photos with point and shoot camera. Some people have fancy cameras but cant catch nice moment like you did. So we do not have to have latest tech stuff to perform well but we must have good eye and patience to capture perfect moments.

A couple of my recent guests have had the new generation iPhones whose pics also match the point-n-shoot in quality. No need for the normal tourist to bother with expensive (theft target) cameras while travelling.

I don’t have a smartphone yet. Mine is so dumb that all it knows how to do is make phone calls, but that’s good enough for me.
But a lot of the point-and-shoot cameras these days seem to take better pictures than what used to be some of the top of the line 35 mm cameras back in the old days.
Or maybe you youngsters don’t remember those? :wink:

Great shot, snakes.