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Package Tours From Toronto


hi; the package tours from toronto are listed on tripcentral to roatan for the 08/09 season. It looks like Nolitours is now the carrier to Fantasy Island but I could not see who it is for Henry Morgan??? Also, the prices for FI went way up, even more than HM which is generally priced a bit higher. Anyone know what’s up??? Thanks



On Your travel tickets.com for package tours to Roatan from Toronto the carrier is listed as Conquest Vacations for F.I. as well as the Henry Morgan Resort.

Two years ago my carrier to Roatan was with Nolitours but last year it was with Conquest Vacations since I booked with YTT.

It is still early days before flights leave Toronto to Roatan so the prices seem to be all over the place right now. You will see F.I drop lower than Henry Morgan as it gets closer to flight dates.

Right now F.I. is cheaper than Henry Morgan on Y.T.T. but for dive packages included at F.I. it is more expensive.

Last year (March), it was cheaper to book at Henry Morgan with dives paid separately than it was at F.I. with dives included. Just after we booked prices dropped at F.I. with dive packages included. Two weeks before we left for Henry Morgan prices for the same week there dropped $200.00 per person.

If there is a certain week you want to go to Roatan then you have to book early as some weeks fill up quickly. If you do not care what week you head there then I would suggest booking a couple weeks before departure to get the best deal.

I have already made lists of departure dates as well as costs for Roatan so I will be keeping a close on on F.I. as well as Henry Morgan to see how close to departure prices drop for last minute.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


Hi Freedomryder; Thanks for your reply. What is YTT? I have been computer problems lately (switched to vista!) and everytime I turned off my computer I would lose my logons. Therefore, I have been only reading the forums. Now I’m all fixed up! Prices are still higher at FI for some odd reason. This year I noticed a new package tour to Guanaja which looks interesting, but I don’t think the snorkeling (which is what we do) would be as good there, but the diving sounds kick-a@#. It almost makes me want to dive.


I was just on the tripcentral.ca website and the price for HM is down to $1072 in Jan/Feb/Mar for a La Ceiba flight. what a great deal! (flying out of to)


The 1072 is taxes included.


tigericious - YTT is a travel agency website. yourtraveltickets.com


Hola Tigericious

Is that a split trip where you spend a few days in La Ceiba and then head to the Henry Morgan for a couple or three nights?.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


No, it is only in Guanaja (which is not La Ceiba). Apparently you take a ferry from Roatan. This is a new package to Conquest. It sounds like a small lovely island. It looked like heaven on earth (with an onion slice :wink:


It is called Coral Bay, Dive Resort.
Here is the link -if it works.


Ive been looking at going to Roatan for my next trip.Im going to Cuba in April and would like to go to Roatan for a week or so in July as thats really the best time for me to take of the time from work. I know this probably isnt the ideal time for travelling there but it would really work best for me. Im assuming that I would have to fly to Toronto to go anytime of the year as Ive never seen it offered from Halifax. Im just wondering if any of the AIs are offered from Toronto in the summer? Would this be something that I would have to try and book separately with my TA?So far I`ve only gone to the DR a few times and now Cuba this April so all of this is still pretty new to me. Any tips would be helpful.


There are no flights offered form Toronto in the Summer.

I believe the last flight from Toronto heads to Honduras in April.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


Thanks Freedom Ryder, thats what I was afraid of... I guess if I decide to go Ill have to see what my TA can come up with.


Has anyone ever do business with YTT? Their prices seem really good (75$ per person off for the XMAS break to Varadero)… But since I never heard of them, I’m hesitating…


Has anyone ever do business with YTT? Their prices seem really good (75$ per person off for the XMAS break to Varadero)… But since I never heard of them, I’m hesitating…[/quote]

I book all of my vacations with Y.T.T. now. They have great prices as well as great customer service.

Now if you book a vacation package with them they will send you a $10.00 gas card form Esso for every room you book. Our last trip we booked 2 rooms and received 2 gift cards.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


YTT is a great travel agency. They are based out of St Catherines Ontario. I just booked my trip to Cayo Largo, Cuba with them and received a $10 gas card for Esso stations. They have been diligent in notifying me of schedule changes made by the airline. They also were $30 lower than other online websites for the same package…gotta love that!