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Paid today


Paid for my holiday today----------this means its getting nearer.

congrats on the upcoming event

Way to go. My payment is due in just under 2 weeks.

Since I’m heading to the Mambo in Feb, I’m looking forward to your review when you get back.

just paid mine yesterday for trip in january…it’s so real now!


Its so real --23 sleeps. :wink:

Suitcases are out --Clothes hanging or in case-----toileteries bought----Started takin the B1 (keep the mozzies away)
Dog and Cats booked in for their holiday

Xmas pressies ready to be taken out. (Not going visiting after 20th)

Have I missed anything??? :sunglasses:

OUr trip is now paid and we leave in 33 days… can hardly wait especially today when the wind off the lake in nova scotia is just pounding our house…ahhhhh winter