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Painful Ears. OW!

Ok…here’s the deal. Whenever I fly (and it doesn’t matter how long the flight is) I get excruciating pain in my inner ear upon decent and final landing. I know this is due to the pressure in the cabin upon descent, but it’s to the point where the pain is SO intolerable I cry and then cannot hear a darn thing for many hours after landing.


I am looking for anyone who experiences the same type of pain and has any solution to this problem. I absolutely dread landing! I’ve chewed gum. Eaten an apple. Held hot cloths over my ears. I now look like a lunatic because I cover my ear holes with my fingers and feverishly pump them open and closed while my head is tilted forward. I honestly feel like a fool doing this for the minimal relief it brings.

I am completely open to ANY and ALL ideas!

Thanks everyone!

There area couple of ideas that may help …

See a chiropractor as there may be some assistance they can offer if there is a TMJ or occipital subluxation.

Some people will be helped by taking an antihistamine or a sinutab the night before your flight.

If you smoke, try doing some saline nasal spray up to a week before to open up your nasal passages.

Pick up some ear planes from your local drug store. They are specially designed for flying. I used to be plagued with terrible pain and then 6 weeks of the spins. Inner ear imbalance the doc tells me. I gave these things a try 8 years ago and have not gotten on a plane without them. The have a little ball inside them that takes the pressure before it hit the ear drum. They even have them for kids. Good for one return trip. They say you can take them out once you have reached altitude but I don’t as the pressure changes. They are amazing. I know that they have saved me so much grief. Give then a try…you will be surprised at just how great they are.

This topic was covered a couple of months ago and can be read through this link and you may find useful info. I used the ear plane plugs on our trip in Feb. and they really helped make my flight pain free for a change :slight_smile:


Based on the advice mentioned in the other thread, I recommended Ear Planes to a colleague who recently went to Mexico, and she too found them very effective.

Dont know if it works on adults but my daughter had very bad pain this time around. The girls from sunwing got her coffee cups with steaming cloths in them. Did the trick for her. She even asked for it on the way home. Worth a try.

I asked this question awhile ago and was told about the ear planes. I bought some at a drug store for arond $6.00. I also took a sudafed 1/2 hour before takeoff. It worked wonders for me. There was still some pressure and popping on the descent but once on the ground and I removed them, I never had a hint of a problem for the week. They worked just as well for the flight home. The kind advice and info available on this site is awesome!

As a scuba diver we’re always instructed to “pop” your ears before the pressure builds up. The same thing goes for the descent in an aircraft.

Throughout the flight continuously “pop” your ears by plugging your noise and force (not too extreme) pressure into your head. Your ears should make crackling/popping sounds with immediate improvement in hearing. Then about 10 minutes before descent do this very regularly until you’ve landed and it may help out a lot. At the same time it doesn’t hurt to try all the other things too.

Best of luck.

hey thanks for all the tips… i too have a hard time with my ears…

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I will be going out to Shoppers on my lunch today to pick up these “plane ears” you all are speaking of!

Like I’ve said, I’ve tried EVERYTHING so I am willing to give this a try as well!

I can’t thank you enough! :slight_smile:

darn it… i just search the walmart website and our pharmacies and i dont think they carry them… ugh… i am in moncton nb… guess i will have to call the pharmacist to confirm if i can get some…

Not sure it it would be posted on the websites, but I bought these ear plane plugs for my last trip and they helped alot. Since them, I have noticed them in many pharmacies here.

I found a link to a Canadian site for reusable Ear Plane earplugs. The list price is only $7.39 and the site says shipping is free. Here is the link:



Air Travel ¡°Ear Tips¡±

¡á Take a decongestant 24 hours before flying to keep air passages and ears clear.
¡á Chew gum or drink fluids through altitude changes during flight to equalize the pressure in the middle ear.
¡á Use a set of EarPlanes¢â for take-offs and landings or altitude changes during the flight to equalize the pressure in the middle ear.
¡á Hold the nose and swallow to alleviate ear pressure in the middle ear.
¡á Use ¨ù percent Neo-Synephrine nasal spray shortly after boarding the aircraft and again 45 minutes before the aircraft is due to land to keep the nasal passages open.
¡á Try not to fly when you have a cold or upper respiratory infection, as you are more likely to experience ear problems.

hockeymom71 - I got them at Lawton’s - bought them for DH but he didn’t find they worked - he swears by the Advil Cold & Sinus :wink:

thanks for the tips!!

Got my ear plane plugs! Thanks everyone! One week today will be the true test and I will be doing everything that you guys have shared with me!
Thanks again! I truly appreciate it!
Wish me luck!

Thanks for the tips everyone. My wife has a problem for a few days every time we fly.

I always take sinutab before I fly and it keeps my ears clear.