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Palma real hotel

any one going to palma real in the next little while??? I woudl like one of the bartenders phone numbers or the front desk phone number to reserve a room for me in late FEBRUARY… please let me know and I can sen you a pic of the person I would like to have his number… … thanks

I’m going there Feb 13-20.

I might be able to help you out. Would you be able to tell me if they have a cadeca at that resort?

HELLO , there is a bank right out front at the right of the areans blanca hotel… when you walk out of the palma real…instead of heading for the beach … walk to the far end of the hotel… and you will see a small bank there… ask how much the exchange is.,… and then count your money before you leave the bank… they like to short change you about $1.00 - $3.00 … count your money any time you change… even the banks will short change you… the air port is the worst place to egt short changed because they know you are in a hurry… same exchange rate at the banks and air port… the hotels charge the highest rate… the tour companys give you the best rate when you charge your trips… I will be only arriving when you are leaving… your bar people are great people, DANIEL , ORELISEE, and NOAL…

oh, i sent you a pm before i saw this message…thanks though!

I forgot to tell you,… I have the receptions email address and I have booked the rooms already… thanks… please see MIGUEAL at the swim up pool if you would like any tours to havana… tell him no resturant lunchs… they charge too much for that… $12.00 - $15.00 … just a snack is fine