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Palma Real - Power converter

Can anyone tell me if we need some sort of a power converter at this resort. this is our first time to Cuba.

most resorts in Cuba.in MY experience need a converter from 220?? to 110.

Take a look on the back of the items that you are bringing and see if they’re dual voltage. On my last trip to Cuba ( Jan.09) I brought my electric razor and battery charger for my camera and both worked fine without an adapter. Both were dual voltage.

Hi Ross and welcome to Debbie’s forums.

Here’s the direct link to resort electrical information in the FAQ section of the Cuba forum which may help you. There are also a lot of other important topics covered in the FAQ section which you’ll find useful in advance of your Palma Real vacation.


Enjoy your first trip to Cuba and if you have any further questions, please post them to the Cuba forum.