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Palma Real - unable to book date in 2008


Hi all,

I have been reading numerous threads lately and finally decided to join. It’s so nice to be able to share information and support other brides 2 be!

My issue is that I am have been trying to book my date for January 2008 and the coordinator at PPR, Wendy emailed me to tell me that I could not confirm a date with the judge until February or March. (This was back in July’06). Now, I recently emailed Wendy back to ask if it could be done now, I then get an email from “Kelly Funt” who I believe may be in a corporate office stating that I couldn’t book my date until the end of this year then she said not till April 07 ???.

But my real concern is that in one of the threads (not sure which one now) someone was able to book their date for March 2008. So, I am not sure why I heard otherwise. Also, why didn’t Wendy reply back to me?

Okay, so I sound hysterical right! Well, I guess when you have been with your fiance for 11 years and have been engaged for 1, you are quite anxious! LOL…I’d love to chat :slight_smile:


dear prbride2be,
I was able to confirm only a symbolic wedding for April 2008 at Palma real, I told them I want a real legal wedding and I only want to get married once, I am not going to get married in the us and in DR. The wedding coordinator replyed and said I can still keep the date and wait till june to confirm a judge. I told them I was uneasy about planning and booking travel with out knowing my marriage would be legal. she replyed that as a last resort I could have the symbolic wedding and after just sign with the judge when they got a chance. I don’t know what this means but that is as far as I got with them. I asked for clarification on signing with the judge later but I have not got an answer that was over a week ago. May be she got tired of me asking so many questions.


They also gave me the option to reserve a date for a symbolic wedding but I wasn’t happy with that because I knew that I wanted to be legally married in DR as well. I was thinking that what if I reserve the date and then someone else comes along within time and takes the date I wanted because they only have me down as a symbolic ceremony. Perhaps, I am assuming too much but you are right we need to start thinking about pricing/booking the travel arrangements and need to feel secure. Who are you in contact with over there? Because as I posted Kelly not Wendy advised that the judge would confirm 2008 dates in April and that would bring you to exactly a year. And they told you June…we’ll both figure this out…I am sure. (hopeful!)


I have been in touch with Ana at the PPR. She answered me on every question with in a day but the last question it has been over a week.


I am going to try to call today. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything different.


I haven’t even got that far, but makes sense that they wouldn’t book that far in advance.


i booked my trip last june but when i talked to my wedding planner she said the judge for them doesnt’ usually confirm weddings till early fall. (this was for a april 2007) but she takes my date and the times i would like and she puts them in a date book so no one can take the slot i want. buy August i had the judges confirmation. i will be married April 3rd between 3-4pm




you said you booked your trip before you got confirmation of a judge, was this because you were willing to have a “symbolic wedding” with no legal value if a judge was not available for the week of your trip?


sounds like the judge will confirm the date at a minimum of 8 months before…I just tried calling the resort directly and got the romance department’s voice mail. Left a message though. I guess they are very busy so I’ll try and be patient.

Is anyone planning on a private dinner/reception? Have you priced other resorts such as Melia Caribe, which is actually right next door? I have stayed at the Paradisus Palma Real and it is definitely beautiful.