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Panama and electrical appliances


Does anyone who has been to Panama and especially the Decameron remember having any problems with being able to plug in things like a curling iron, electric shaver, etc.?
I have an adapter I always take to the Domincan Republic but I wonder if I need it for Panama?


No need for an adapter. They have normal plugins. I was able to plug in my laptop, my camcorder and my flat iron.



Excellent, thanks for the response. Even though we are on vacation we still need our electronic toys. We are even bringing a portable DVD player this year, in case we are bored on the plane, but it will also do to listen to CDs either at the beach or at night.


Just an FYI, the do not have clocks in the room so you may want to pack a small travel alarm clock (especially if you want to get up early to make dinner reservations).