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Panama Canal as tourist attraction

Traveling to Panama for your vacation and all inclusive luxury resort sounds like paradise and it is. But you should definitely go around and explore more of Panama. One of the tourist attractions is Panama Canal and for small fee you can go and see museum and big ships that pass through canal. I was fascinated to learn about Panama canal and that I was able to see actual big ships that passing through canal. Here are some photos from my visit to canal:

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Anyone got a chance to visit Panama Canal?

We have been to the canal a couple of times. We tell everyone who visits Panama, they must see the canal. Doesn’t matter if you live in an area where there is a canal - you have to see the Panama Canal.

We have not been since the newer bigger lock has been built. Perhaps sometime in the future.

It’s on my bucket list to go through the canal on a ship, from one end to the other.

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Here is a few more photos from Panama:

By using the Panama Canal, ships save 7,872 miles by bypassing the trip around South America. Many tourist visit canal to see how ships passing through canal and to learn how canal was built. It was very nice experience when I visited so here is a few more photos:


Fishes everywhere in the museum next to Panama Canal: