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Panama here we come!


Just got my tickets by express post today! Happy Xmas eve present. I can’t wait to start packing now.
I don’t know if anyone has ever used Trip Central before, this is the first time for me but I am impressed with their service.
I was a little leery of booking everything on-line, I have booked flights before but never a whole all-inclusive package, but everything seems to have worked out well.
I checked our tickets and vouchers and everything, even our first class upgrade looks good.
Since we are flying out of Toronto on the 16th, Nolitours gives us a free room at the Holiday Inn at the airport and the voucher for that was included with my tickets.

Panama here we come!


We are also leaving on the 16th - for 2 weeks. We are from Montreal and are looking forward to the sun & fun.
Doing Gamboa at the end of the vacation - hope to see you there


Does anyone know if the Decameron has a work out room with a treadmill and weights?


Hey moemoe1 we are also on the same flight. Travel agent called on Dec.23 and told us our tickets are also in. That sounds like a great deal to get a free hotel room the night before. We booked with Sun Holidays now part of Sell off Vacations and had to pay for a room at the Quality suites. Now with Xmas over and New Years close by, can start counting the days before holidays !!!


You should check with Sun Holidays/Sell Off Vacations about the complimentary stop over at Holiday Inn.
It was a promotion offered by Nolitours (if that is the tour operator you booked with).
It was Nolitours who were offering the complimentary hotel room in Toronto - if you were a certain distance from Toronto.
We flew from Ottawa to Toronto on Sun. - stayed at Sheraton Gateway that day - and the day we came home to Toronto we used the complimentary stopover at Holiday Inn.
You should check.


I booked our trip on Aug31/05 prior to the price increase. I wonder if I booked ahead of this promotion being offered with the free room. I will check with the T/A. If not the price I paid for Quality suites was good


We booked in July and were given the free room at the Holiday Inn. I noticed it advertised in the Air Transat brochure but the Trip Central agent brought it up to us when we were booking.

We originally wanted to fly out of Montreal (a lot closer from Ottawa than Toronto) but were told that for some strange reason we couldn’t get the two centre trip (Decameron and Decapolis) from Montreal, it was only being offered from Toronto.

We had the choice of using the free room either before or after our trip, we chose before but depending on the weather when we get back might decide to stay over in Toronto for another night.
Also offered with the free hotel room is free parking for up to 3 weeks that is a bonus for us as well.

Counting down the days now, and checking the weather in Panama, it always shows cloudy and either rain or chance of rain but also very hot and humid.


Thanks for the info, I looked in the Air Transat brochure but did not find anything on Panama. I went through the Nolitours brochure and all I could find was the Holiday Inn as a stop over hotel for $42.50/person a night. I did not see anything about a free night. I recieved all my documents today and included was the vouchers for the Holiday Inn for the night before and the night we return to Toronto, but I paid for that. I am going to speak to my T/A tomorrow. Would be nice to have one night paid. Aprox 18 days and counting !!!


Hi refchief,
I should have looked at my tickets before answering you about the free room at Holiday Inn.
I assumed since we were flying Air Transat that it was either an Air Transat or Nolitours package that we had booked but alas it is World of Vacations that we booked through.

I have the World of Vacations preview for 05/06, green cover, and on page 3 at the bottom is a little Free Toronto Stopover in blue and then it talks about “coming from out of town” . It’s only good for World of Vacation travellers from outside the Greater Toronto area.

Good luck with your agent. The 42.50 is still cheap but it would be nice to have a free night, especially since you won’t be spending too much time in the room the night before. Flight leaves at 6:25 (I think) and they are still asking you to be at the airport 3 hours ahead for an international flight.

I think we will try for 2 hours of less, seems much too early to get there at 3:30 in the morning. We have club class seats so that will save some time checking in as well.

Almost time to start packing…


We just found out our tickets are available and will only get them Jan 2nd - we are doint the split vacation from Montreal but it is with Gamboa. 9 working days left to
vacation - we booked in July too and it seemed like it was so far in advance - see you all there


Oh by the way - for Club class seats I called Air Transat and they told me that 2 hours is sufficient as the desk only deals with about 20 passengers.


Good news about the 2 hour check in for club class. I hope that is the same in Toronto. I may give them a call next week as well to confirm.


Hi everyone,

Anna & I will be staying at the Gamboa resort Feb 6 -20. Never been to Panama, so if you’d be so kind as to give/send us any info/photos before our departure, it sure would be apreciated. Thanks



Have great trips, all you lucky Panama-bound people!! ENJOY…

Northgal :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Hi all … I’ve been reading all the review sites and forums and found them to be very helpful.
We are off to the Decameron on Sunday the 9th. Getting very excited … it sounds like a fantastic resort.
I booked through Sears Travel (Noltours).
I was thrilled to hear about the free/cheap rooms so I checked into the stop over hotel and my travel agent advised that it was 42.50 per person - there are three of us. We were discounted for the 3rd person I think it still worked out to 113.00 with the taxes.
Anyway … thanks for all the great info and reviews… keep them coming. I’ll write when I return.