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Panama with Children?


Hello! :sunglasses:

Does anyone have any comments or opinions regarding travelling to Panama with children? Have been invited to a family wedding at the Royal Decameron and are weighing up the pros and cons of going with our three and a half year old.

Could any previous vacationers tell me if the resort might be suitable and what about medical facilites/doctor if needed?

Do they have email so we can keep in contact with home?

Thanks in advance for any help! We don’t know anything about Panama!

lovethesun :sunglasses:


Hi there, been to Panama, will be there again in a week from today.

Never been to Decameron, so I’ll let the others answer this.

But if you plan on doing excursion, with children, don’t let them wander to far from you, keep in mind: “Be careful… it’s a jungle out there!!!”

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Thanks for the reply Ponder!

No we don’t plan on any excursions. I understand the limits traveling with children bring!

Hope you post a review on your return! Would love to hear about the facilities and please can you post & let me know if you think it’s a family friendly resort etc?! Also if you happen to notice the resort medical facilities/doctor!?

BTW - how does Panama compare with The Dominican Republic?

Have a good trip! :sunglasses:


As I mentioned, never been to Decameron, so can’t tell you about the different services, medical, etc.

From what I’ve seen, unless you’re on one of the different islands (SanBlas, Bocas’,Pearls, etc), don’t expect anything close to the turquoise water seen in the DR. The same goes for the beaches. The water is somewhat brownish (what I’ve seen) with turmoil, the beaches (I’ve seen, once again) are like brown sugar or, in some cases, black.

Go there with respect for the people and wear a smile and enjoy yourself. The only common thing I can think of, with respect to the DR, is to remember that your on Panama time. Don’t fret the small stuff and enjoy… if you find that the bar is too slow to serve you, next time you go up, order 2 beers instead of one. And when you start the second beer, go up and order… you’ll never wait… ;D

6 more days!!!


Its no problem whatsoever…the kids will have a great time.
There is another post in this section with the same questions and answers.

Heres the post with her answers…



Hi there,
Sorry, haven’t checked out the forum in a while so I’m kinda late getting a reply to you.
I travelled to the Decameron in September with an 8 year old and my daughter who turned 2 while there.
They both had a great time. My 2 year old keeps talking about Panama and can’t wait to go back. Funny thing because we were at Disney a few months earlier and she never mentions wanting to go back there.
The ocean is rough so you have to keep a close eye on the little ones. Don’t let them run around alone!! The pools are amazing and they even have a very shallow (ankle deep) that the kids can sit and play in.
We went on the Anton Valley tour and my daughter was fine with it. My husband carried her through the rainforest tour because it was pretty slippery. It depends on the child, though, because it is a bumpy 45 minute ride.
We also went to Panonome by public bus which was quite an adventure!!!
Sorry, not sure of medics nearby but I know the front desk can get a doctor in case of emergency.
We made sure our tetanus shots were up to date and also had our hepatitis shots before we went. Not bad advice even here in Canada!
The staff really catered to my kids and treated them very well. There is a kid’s show every night before the adult show but I found that after supper my little one was too pooped to party most nights from being out in the pool/beach all day.
The bus ride from the airport is pretty long (2 hours) so make sure you’re ready for that!!
That’s about all I can think of now. Enjoy the trip and don’t hesitate to take your toddler. There were other couples on the plane who travelled without their children and they regretted it after seeing what a family friendly place it was!!


There is a nurse and doctor available at the resort. We were told - seeing the nurse is free, the doctor $50. Saw Paramedics on the resort too.
Spoke to a woman who had to seek medical help. She went to Penonome, which is about 20 minutes away, cost her $1.50 to see the doctor there.
There are computers available in the lobbies. Internet is $10/hour, $7/half hour.
Children are most definitely welcome. Saw quite a few this past trip. As imhere said - the ocean can be rough so definitely have to keep an eye when near the water.


Thanks so much for all your replies. Very helpful info!