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Panama's tagua nuts


Ok, found my first purchase to make in Panama.
I had no idea what they were, did my homework and wow!

Anyone purchase these? From what i have gathered, there are some absolutely beautiful carvings.

What else does Panama offer that cannot be found elsewhere?


Lynnb - Never heard of that. Mola(s) are something else that Panama offers. They are a form of needlework that the natives do. You can buy them made into garments, framed or unframed. Such a variety of color and designs. I bought myself a piece the last time we were there…still have to get it framed.



I have one that it not carved and then a couple that are carved. (My husband wanted to be able to show people what the carving started out as). They are beautiful. My husband also has a feather with a beautiful picture of the canal painted on it. Molas (not sure of the spelling) made by the Indians are also a big item offered in Panama- they can bought alone or on purses, or shirts, and my husband has a tie that is mostly mola.
I will keep thinking if I can come up with anything else.



okay, i’m off to look at molas!


vyro, quick question, any problems bringing the tagua nuts back into the states? i am going to look up our canadian rules.



Please do post if you can think of anything else. I did see the feather being offered. Come to think of it, perhaps we ought to pick one up to go with the feather we bought in Nicaragua, which had a painting on it.

The Tagua nut carvings, are they offered for sale when the crafters come into the resort?

How about those white Panama hats?



I never had any problems bringing my nuts back to the states. I never saw the carvings at the resort, but at some of the places in the city that we went to visit. Oh yeah, you can’t forget the Panama hats. If you get brave enough to get involved in one of the contest at the shows at night, you could maybe win one.



Oh the hats but of course! lol
My DH usually ends up with a hat from each place we have been. I laugh, shake my head. Then when summer arrives and we are out boating and he throws his hat on from wherever, brings back nice memories.
Ok, snowing here like crazy in Manitoba, tomorrow’s high will be -25, with windchill, -31 yuck


oh, glad to hear you had no problems with your nuts! one less thing to worry about. we were in cuba and sort of got wrapped up with a local fisherman. he had asked for food from our resort so I snuck a hamburger and fries and drink to him one day. He gave me some beautiful conch shells, which are illegal to bring out of their country.


The emberas are the ones carving the nuts and also offer wooven (spelling?) painted baskets and plates which are very nice and popular. Some say that they are so well made and tightly wooven that they could hold water… I would not recommend it!

The Kunas are the ones offering the Molas and, according to some articles, can go as high as $1000.00.

The feather, that some of you are talking about, is from the Harpee eagle, the National bird and close to extinction.


thanks for the info ponder,