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Paradisus Palma Real



Does anyone have any information about weddings at Paradisus Palma Real? I am trying to book a wedding date but everything seems to be booked. The wedding planner is a little slow on responding and has not given me anything as far as wedding packages and if receptions can be held at one of the restaurants - is that an additional charge or is it included in our stay/package? Thanks to all of you any information you can provide is very much appreciated! :wink:



Have you tried getting a calling card and phoning them directly. The email in the DR seems to be hit and miss at times



Thanks Terry - you would be amazed but I called, spoke to the lady and she asked me to email her with the request so I am back to the beginning!!

LOL - does anyone know how long we have to be in DR before the wedding? I think it was 3 days?

Thanks everyone!



I thought it was three days also, we are arriving on Saturday night and aren’t getting married till the Thursday. You don’t have to be there for three days, I found out when it was to late to book any earlier. Hope you get some info, I know it is frustrating, I have been trying to get in touch with the Melia for over a month. :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks Tanzie! :slight_smile:

It is a little frustrating since no one really appears to be quick on response but I am trying to be patient. It is so unnerving since everything is depending on the wedding date. How long would you advise that I give the wedding coordinator before I re-email her?

Oh well. I am sure it will all be fine! Good luck on you wedding too - when is the date for you?



There is no legal issue to be there 3 days ahead of the wedding date, Its more of a resort issue to make sure all the paperwork is in order and also for you to choose flowers cake ect ect



Thank you so much Terry! I appreciate all of your help! Keep your fingers crossed…have not heard back from Wendy yet…may have to be a pest and call her tomorrow!! :o


I’m getting married at the Paradisus Palma Real May 18, 2007 and I correspond with Wendy from time to and she not that bad with getting back with me. At the most it may take her 24 to 48 hours to get back with me but she actually responded in the same day on a few occasions. You can try calling and let her know that you’ve been emailing and haven’t heard anything so for future reference she know to respond a little faster.

When is your wedding?


Hey Devlin!

Thanks for your response! I am scheduled for Monday, June 18th. But I have not received any information from her as to wedding options and add ons…do you have any information from them? I don’t know if I am stressing about this stuff unnecessarily but I have no direction on how long the photographer will stay, if they will come back for the reception, where the reception will be and if we have to pay per head and how much…any advice will be greatly appreciated! :-/



Hi, I would like to have my wedding at the Paradisus PR in June 2007. Have you made any progress on getting in touch with the coordinator? I am having a lot of trouble getting confirmation for dates much less other details. I’d love some help/input!


HI congrats on your upcomming wedding… I ad planned a wedding at this resort and what made me go with anoter one was the fact that Wendy would take days to respond back( if / when she did). I finally decided to call her and i have to tell you she was not enthusiastic at all. It was as if she didnt want my business… i was set on this resort. i talked my fiance into it after many discussions about the location. And in the end the “response problem” with the wedding coordinator made me go somwere else. I TINK YOU REALLY NEED SOMEONE WO IS RESPONSIVE BECAUSE YOU ARE PLANNING FROM FAR AWAY MAKES IT EVEN MORE DIFFICULT. AND TIME IS MOST IMPORTANT BECAUSE YOU HAVE ALLTESE PEOPLE WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU SO ThEY CAN DO THEIR PLANNING!!! (i have about 50 to 60 guests comming along) and i needed to have someone who respondedback just incase i neededtomake changes. IF YOU NEEDANYTHING LET ME KNOW… MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP.