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Paradisus Rio De Oro or Playa Pesquero?


My fiance and I are planning to get married in Holguin Dec.2007. We had friends stay at PP last winter and loved it. Some reviews I have read about it, people have been disappointed with their pictures.
I fell in love with the PDRO, but worried it may be to quiet of a resort. I do not want our guests to be bored. Any suggestions or reviews would be of great help.


Hi saskgirl306,

Firstly I must congratulate you on your up and coming wedding!! ;D

I was married at PP in Dec 2005, what can I say we had wonderful time. The wedding co-ordinators did everything to make our day memorable. The wedding pictures were ok and we also had friends take pictures using our digital camera.

There are lots of excursions you can book at this resort, it just depends on what kind of things you and your guests want to do. I believe the childrens club is great at this resort, although we didn’t have any reason to use this facility as there were no children in our party.

I hope this information helps. Feel free to ask any questions you may have

Happy planing!! (where ever you choose I’m sure your day will be one to remember

Anths :wink:


We will be married at PP May 2007 and picked it over PRO for the same reason - We have ages form 8mts to 82 so we wanted somthing for every one - Also PP is a flat resort PRO is on a hill so it posed a problem for the older people - hope that helps

Good Luck carlawave


We got married at PP and yes, the pictures weren’t that great due to lack of equipment. Luckily we had a friend coming with us and he’s a part time photographer. So we had a lot of beautiful pictures. We paid half of the trip for him so we both got a good deal.

I suggest you ask your guests to take pictures for you like what antha did, or bring a friend who knows photography and ask him/her to take pictrues for you.


Hi saskgirl306!! :slight_smile:

We too, were married at PP and it was fantastic!!! Lots to do there, and plenty of excursions offered to keep everyone busy!!!

The kids clubs, seem great - we had 3 children with us, but none of the used the clubs, they were more than happy in the pool and on the beach!!!

We were more than happy with our pictures, we thought they turned out great - however, I have read on another forum, that once you get home, develop the negatives, they say they turn out better!!

Good luck and happy planning!
Tigs :smiley:


We are getting married at PP in Sept 07. We chose PP as we have been there twice and it’s perfect for us & also for everyone who is going with us. There will only be one child who will be 2 yrs & 9months when we go, i dont know if she’ll use the kids club but I do know the babysitting service will be used at least once!! From what we’ve heard the kids club is excellent and the staff are excellent with children. The PRDO is hilly so this may be something to consider if young children or those with mobility problems are going where as PP is completely flat with ramp access to anything set slightly up making it easy for everyone.