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Paradisus Rio De Oro Question?

Hi everyone.

Has anyone heard when the new section of Oro will be open? (The one by the spa)? Also, will the whole place still be adults only?? I want to go back but have the kiddies now. Every other Paradisus is open to everyone with a few having adults only sections. Thanks everyone.


hi! we were there last year and are returning again this nov.for our third visit there. if you.ve never seen the spa it is amazing. it was built on the first private beach. the development was definitly contining past but never heard about scheduled completion. these developments only make an already picture perfect paradise more enticing. As far as the kids go, dont get your hopes up anytime soon. the no kids rule only took effect a few years ago as I’m sure as the resort grows, it is turning into a more higher end resort. alot of adults go away to get a break from the kids.lol. don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to take mine there someday.:slight_smile: for now ,i’ll await my next hobbie cat ride!