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ParkNFly special

Just received a confirmation of a special rate ParkNFly at Pearson Airport is offering. This is from their website. You can print off a parking price guarantee slip to confirm a guaranteed parking spot as well.

It states:

Details of your rate and savings selected are displayed below.
It is your confirmation that your parking space has been quaranteed. We look forward to seeing you at ParkNFly, and our usual free shuttle applies to this offer.

WKLY, DAY 6,7 FREE x2 $129.50
8 FOR 28 DISCOUNT -$64.75
GST $3.89
PST $6.22

They now have a 8 for 28 discount.

You pay for 8 days, and can park for up to 28 days.

Two weeks including taxes is $87.81.

For those who don’t want to do the hotel park/fly reservation at a cost of $119.00 plus taxes this is another alternative.

Hope this is of interest or help