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Party in Cancun

If you leave Cancun without ever going out, you didn’t really went to Cancun. This city is paradise when it comes to beaches and party. You will find party everyday of the week and I assure you will find any type of place and people. CocoBongo is the most famous place, but it is expensive and most of the times packed with people. I have other options for you.

Mandala Cancun: The best place to party all day long. You can arrive to this beach club in the morning and stay there until the night. During the day you can swim in the pool or in the sea, have nice drink and eat really well. The service and the music are great. At night, the environment changes. No more swimming suits, but comfortable beach clothes to party. If you like good music, good drinks, to dance all night long, meeting new people this is the place. Besides that, you have the beach at any time. SUPER FUN.

Mandala is that kind of international club, but if you are in Mexico and you really want a Latin tropical party, then go to Grand Mambo Café.

Grand Mambo Café: It is open from Wednesday to Sunday. This is the biggest salsa club in Cancun. There is live music from midnight on, so if you want to skip the “traditional club music”, arrive at midnight. Right now it is difficult to find a place like this in Cancun. In general salsa and tropical music club are disappearing. It is not a very expensive place (compared to the clubs in the hotel area), it has great ambience and you can learn some salsa steps by watching a lot of couples that seems that go every single night to dance.

Gay club in the heart of the local’s Cancun: The place is named Karamba and it is in the center of the city of Cancun. It is the first and biggest gay club in Cancun. This is a place where you can find all kinds of people, male, female, locals and tourists. Every night they change the ambience place and the focus of the party, so check the program in their webpage before arriving there!

Senor Frogs: Yes, it is a family-friendly restaurant, but only around 9 or 10 pm. After that, Senor Frogs turns into an incredibly fun bar. They have different kinds of party depending on the weekdays, so check the program or just arrive to have a surprise. This is not a common dance club; in Senor Frogs you’ll find the Conga line type of party. Really recommendable!

CocoBongo is not the only place to have a great time. Try local, try new.

I have been to CocoBongos & Senor Frogs but not the other places mentioned. I will have to check them out the next time I visit the area.

Thanks for the great recommendations.

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Coco Bongo is really fun and entertaining place to spend night. I was amazed with all entertainment that happened in a few hours. Went 2 times in Cancun and once in Playa Del Carmen and always had fun!

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Did you find it amazing? First time I went there I did not know what to expect and I was so positively surprised that I had to go back next time I went to Cancun. After that I visited one in Playa del Carmen and enjoyed it as well. Full night of entertainment!

Coco Bongos was amazing. I had never heard of the party there before. It was a little intimidating at first with all of the people in the streets and in line. I had my eldest son with me and was worried about his security. All went well outside of the bar waiting to get in.

Going outside for a cigarette was another story. I am a smoker so off I went with my son (21) at the time. We paid the VIPs price so we had a special table at the top near the stage dancers.

We came back in on the ground floor and made our way around the whole main floor before heading up the stairs to our seats. It was crazy on the floor. The tourists were so out of line. They were pushing and shoving us and my son and I got separated for a few seconds. That is where the locals stepped in. They made a human chain and blocked the tourists and grabbed my son and got him back to me. The Mexican people were so fantastic. Everyone was so in tune to what was going on and they made sure we made it back to our seats. The tourists were so trashed and so young and wild. Too much free booze being handed out, lol.

It was a night to remember and I was so happy that we paid the extra money and bought the vip seats. I would head back again if I return to that area. We have a funny picture with the group we went with and the mask! $20.00 for a great picture.

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Yes as its all you can drink tourists get wasted. By the way your son was not too young I think he wanted to get separated a bit :wink:

What a wild night for him. He said it was like a stripper bar, lol. We were close to the dancers on stage and when the tourists were up on stage dancing they would shoot a puff of strong air up their skirts. Yes, everything was visible. I now think that panties are not a normal part of the wardrobe anymore.

I had on a mini skirt and was brought up on stage to dance with the dancers. The last thing my son yelled to me as I was being brought on stage was hey Momma, watch that skirt of yours, lol.

It was an amazing night and well worth every penny we paid!

I am glad you enjoyed it! It might not be everybody cup of coffee but I am glad as well that I was able to experience it and see how they party in Mexico. Never been in club like that in Canada, USA or Europe.

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Here is a photo from Coco Bongos. Cost was $20.00.


Very nice photo! I keeps great memories. Now days people take photo every few seconds and never look back at those photos but I am sure that this photo will wake up memories many times! Thanks for sharing!

Here is a nice video form Coco Bog so that our members can see how it looks inside: