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Passport Adventures

Well today we signed our daughter up for JK. They needed some sort of ID for a 4 yr old. I thought, lets use her passport. I checked the usual storage spot, wasn’t there. Last time we used our passports was in December(to PC). I thought where were we keeping them on that trip?.. my blue shorts…haven’t worn them since. So I dug thru the pockets and there they all were (4 passports) they had all gone thru the wash and looked a little wrinkled! Opps! :sunglasses:


Glad you found them. At least they withstood the wash!!! The first thing I do when I get home from a trip is put our passports away, I am afraid of losing them and not being able to travel, now that would be a nightmare!!!

Yes, glad you found them, would have been a nightmare if you had left them in PC…Might want to go to the passport office and see if the wee bit of wrinkles are still acceptable…just in case.

if you would have left them here in PC you would have a strong reason to come back right away to get 'em, he he