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Passport and Children?


Hello everyone and thank you for all of the great tips and advice that I have received in the last few months!! My husband, myself and our 3 children are headed for the DR very soon, and I’m beginning to worry about our arrival at the airport. My question is… If both adults have passports, but the children do not will we have to line up seperately? Or is it possible to stay together when we go through immigrations???

Thanks Again,



No, you will not have to be in separate lines. Stay together.

The biggest thing to remember, if from the US is to have your cash ready for your tourist cards.

Have a great time…



I hate to disagree, but you may have to go through custom separately, as most times it depends on the people working.

When we took our 2 daughters, they allowed each of us (my wife and I) to take a child with us through customs, but we did see the “older” children that were traveling go through separately.

Just make sure that you have all of your documents in place prior to getting off of your plane, and you should have no problems.

I truly hope that you enjoy your time in the beautiful Dominican Republic, and if you have a chance to get out of the resort, and see the wonderful country, and it s people, please do so.