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Passport help

I just realized that this is the first time since my honeymoon that I’ve travelled and I am a little concerned. I got married a year and a half ago but my maiden name is on my passport and all my other identification is in my married name? Do I need to get this changed on my passport? I only have 8 weeks until we expect to leave so any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks!

That should be plenty of time to get a new passport. I’m not sure, but you would probably be fine using your maiden one, but then again, tickets need to be issued in the exact name as your passport, so you may actually be out of luck. If your ticket is in your married name, then you should be fine, maybe just take a copy of your marriage certificate.

Otherwise I’m not sure what documents you need to change your passport name, but as I recall it was not very difficult when I did it 10 years ago. Not sure if you have a passport office near by that you could visit personally, but they should accomodate your expedited request if you have a travel date and provide a copy of the ticket. If you are mailing, make sure you do registered mail so that you can track the status of the application.

You should have plenty of time to change it… Get it done and over with… Better safe then sorry!!! Especially if your name on your ticket its different then your passport! The passport office will ask you your date of travel and will have it back to you before then… Or they should anyways…

Take a copy of your marriage cert/license with you in case the question comes up and renew your passport in your married name next time if you want.

My daughter just went through the same thing last week. She booked a last minute to Varadero and her passport is in her maiden name. Quick fix !! She booked trip in her maiden name, to match the passport. She had no problems at all.
Passport offices are pretty busy right now with needing a passport to go to the U.S now so she didn’t have time to change it but like I said, she had no problem at all going by her maiden name. Good Luck and have fun !

My daughter changed her name on her passport because she didn’t want to take any chances and all her Id now was in her married name. It took 2 weeks to get her new passport. I did call the passport office and was told that her maiden name passport would be ok as long as she booked her ticket in her maiden name. She didn’t want to have any worries so she just got the new one.

You don’t need a new passport. Only an observation on your current one. They stamp/adhere a certificate to one of the first pages in your passport to identify that your name has changed. Very easy. Only cost me about $20 or so a couple of years ago.

I just called and I need to get a brand new passport, so I’m going to drive down next Friday!

Passport picture: 10$
New Passport: 90$
Gas to get to passport office: 30$
A Week in the Cuba Sun: PRICELESS!

[quote=@lsalvis]Passport picture: 10$
New Passport: 90$
Gas to get to passport office: 30$
A Week in the Cuba Sun: PRICELESS![/quote]

haha LOVE IT! ;D