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Has anyone ever traveled to the Dominican without a passport??? Is a passport required for direct travel from Canada?? Has anyone ever heard of any problems traveling without a passport??

From Canada, a birth certificate and government photo i.d. is acceptable as long as it is a non stop flight to the DR.

Take a photcopy of your marriage certificate in case you get an immigration guy who is not aware that marriage changes a womans last name, they are there defnitely.

Passports make things much easier.

Thanks…Has anyone actually gone there without having a passport???

A few have travelled with me without passports no problem at all with photo id and birth certificate

We have been twice and haven’t used a passport…no problem what so ever. Birth certificate and drivers licence, and for the kids under 15 just their birth certificate, and kids over just need a students card and birth certificate. We just received our passports though, it doesn’t take long to get them, 2 weeks to the day! You never know when they will change the rules so I would suggest getting them :slight_smile: Happy Travels

I went before from the US w/o a passport (before the passport requirements went into effect) and just had a Birth Cert. w/ a raised seal & a photo ID. No problems whatsoever!

You won’t do that now…
You might get into the DR but you’ll have a dickens of a time getting back into the US. ::slight_smile:

The first 3 years of us going to Domincan i travelled without a passport. I just used a birth certificate and photo id. Never had
a issue… I finally broke down and got one. .It just makes it a lot easier. pulling one item rather than fumbling around with 2 pieces that have to go back in your wallet. If you plan on travelling a lot you might as well get on ( provided you can), you’re gonna need it to go the US anyway

oh Yeah Bob I know! We all got passports for the wedding! There’s no way I’d chance that!!!