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Passports needed!


Just realized my girlfriends passport is EXPIRED!! She just realized this right now…we heard that you can go without it inot punta cana…can anyone confirm!!


Assuming you are Canadian or American you will need a birth certificate and a picture ID. The birth certificate must be an official one with the raised seal. A drivers license will be fine for your picture ID.


I would have to agree with that. But take the expired passport as additional identification (and get her passport renewed ASAP).


If you are Canadian then all you need is your photo ID and your birth certificate. Make sure in Punta Cana that they don’t stamp you B’certificate, they stamped my daughters and grandsons and now they are null and void and they had to apply for new ones which takes up to 8 months…


When are you leaving?

My brothers did a “rush” job I think they had to pay extra for it but it was ready in 5 working days. This may be an option for you.



That is an excellent point you made!
I saw them doing that to some people’s birth certificates…stamping them.
and I knew that was wrong…
so did one guy they did it to… he LOST it…and ripped intot he customs guy!
Wonder if he ever did that again?
Good point


My daughter did not no that her b’certificate was no good anymore until she went to re-new her passport in August and the lady at the passport office told her that they are not suppose to accept it if it was stamped and told her to apply for new one’s right away. She did let her use it this time though…


Thanks for the responses guys & girls…this relieves alot of stress.
I’ll make sure that they don’t stamp the birth certificate…that was something i didn’t know about…
Were leaving in 5 days so the last minute passport won’t work…Thanks for the help!!


Great! I’ve been to the DR twice and both times I have used my birth certificate. They stamped the back of mine. If this is the case; shouldn’t they be told that this shouldn’t be done. I’m planning on getting a passport, actually in works of getting it done on Monday for a trip in January. Now I’m worried that my birth certificate will be invalid and they won’t accept it at the passport office. I’m going to call the passport office and verify if this is instead the case. I will let everyone know.


Well, I called a toll free number for general inquires on passports. The gentleman I spoke to said that my birth certificate was fine to use. DR stamped the back and he told me that no information that they required was shown on the back of the birth certificate that they need. Now I can breathe a little easier.


We were told that imigration in the DR has been informed (many times) about not stamping it and still contiune to do it…