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Passpot Question

How long should you have left on your passport to go to Cuba?
When we went to Cayo Lago in 04 it had about week left on on it fine
Have they change that?

I believe it has call the cubn ebassy

Call the Cuba travel board in Toronto, they said your passport must be go for one week after your return date to Canada

FYI, we just dropped off our “speedy” renewal forms at the passport office in Whitby, On on Monday and they came in the mail here in Colborne on Friday. Fast service if you need them quick!

Debbies “front page” states that if your Canadian it should be valid one day after your return home. However if there is no embassy in Havana then it should be valid for six months after your return date

WOW one week
By the way , I believe you can drop off info in Peterborough now

I don’t know if Peterborough checks over the application before they send it away has it is only a drop off location, Whitby is an actual passport office for processing. Either way, we have them for our trip to Varadero in January and Cayo Coco in April!