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PayPal "Freezes" Spanky Project

The long arm of the US Treasury Department - OFAC reaches into Canada and closes down the Spanky Project’s PayPal account.
[a href=“http://spankyproject.blogspot.ca/2013/06/paypal-feezes-us-out.html”]PayPal “Feezes” Us Out.[/a]

It’s crazy the power and the intrusiveness of the US goverment.

With all the news about the NSA the past week, nothing surprise me any longer.

Sounds much like what we used to think was totally atrocious behavior by the goverment in communist countries, is now happening in our backyard!

You still take cheques? LOL
How about transfers to a Visa/MC account? Or those direct bank transfers? I see on your website some alternatives.
Is there a Canadian or European version or competitor of PayPal?

Hey Spunky. Check out spankyproject.org. Under the ten years header are alternative. Working another credit card option. Sitting at YYZ with a two hour delay. Gonna be a long night.

Greetings All,
The CBC has done a story on our plight.
Check it out on the [a href=“http://spankyproject.blogspot.ca/2013/10/cbc-reports-on-paypal.html”]Spanky Project blog[/a].

What’s funny is that I pay for almost all of my Cuba travel with American Express. As long as the tour operator is someone other than Hola Sun, no problemo! I get Air Miles points and it amuses me to use Amex for the purpose. Can’t imagine why PayPal would give a sh*t, or the U.S, government for that matter…


The matter of PayPal freezing accounts has been passed on to the Offices of the Minister of Finance (Canada).
Here is the email for [a href="mailto:jim.flaherty@parl.gc.ca"]Jim Flaherty[/a] the Minister.

Please send a message that you support and look forward to a report as to whether PayPal is in violation of Canadian law by freezing Canadian accounts with connections to Cuba.

For Canadians, I suggest you copy your member of Parliament.
You can find their email [a href=“http://www.parl.gc.ca/MembersOfParliament/MainMPsCompleteList.aspx”]here[/a].

I sent an email off to Jim Flaherty and to Randy Kamp. The link to Jim Flaherty isn’t working but I found all of the email addresses under the second link.

[quote=@radar]Please send a message that you support and look forward to a report as to whether PayPal is in violation of Canadian law by freezing Canadian accounts with connections to Cuba.[/quote] They are almost certainly in violation of the Ontario Discriminatory Business Practices act (other provinces have similar legislation). There is an official way prescribed in the Act to report a violator. In fact in some cases you are required by the Act to report! http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/statutes/english/elaws_statutes_90d12_e.htm

Of course the credit unions and others whose credit cards don’t work in Cuba are probably in trouble too…

Thanks Trent I’ll check out the link. Still no word from Jim Flaherty.
Perhaps Canadians could help by emailing his office in support of the “investigation”.

Radar, do you know about Avaaz? Many voices speak louder than one!

[a href=“https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/start_a_petition/?source=splh”]Avaaz petitions[/a]

Radar, the link you provided for the sample letter to the Minister doesn’t work for me. Can you check and repost?

I do know it is the principal of the thing…but did you get much of your revenue through/via Paypal?

And did they withhold any funds?
and last question. Was it because you were doing business with Cuba?

Spunky the “broken” link as not to a sample letter but to the Minster’s email address.
I could come up with a sample if people need it.

Canuks PayPal was a good source to receive donations from outside of Canada. Wire transfers are cost prohibitive for small amounts. The convenience for many was a real advantage. Yes PayPal took a cut. Yes they withheld funds until the CBC aired the story. Yes the reason for freezing the account was the connection to Cuba.
Credit card donations can now be made through [a href=“https://www.canadahelps.org/CharityProfilePage.aspx?charityID=s61887”]CanadaHelps[/a] and the MACKENZIE-PAPINEAU MEMORIAL FUND a registered Canadian charity.

Eeeefarm thanks for the heads up on Avaaz. I will check it out.