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PCMike's BavaroBar Reviews

Good afternoon all. The afternoo is here and it has left me with a few minutes to ponder life in the tropics.

Of course my mind wandered off to that of refreshment stands. For many months, there has been a great deal of attention placed on one location…and as good as it is, there are a good number of other locations spread out around the Bavaro area that probably share the same atmosphere. Sometimes when you spend too much time focused on one location, you end up overlooking other opportunities, and thus as of early next week, I will start my Punta Cana Mike’s “Beer Stand Review”…in search of those locations that provide imbibment opportunities throughout the Bavaro region. Some will be beach front…some a bit off the beaten path. But all will have one thing in common…the opportunity to enjoy the area.

There will be a number of criteria including…beer temperature, level of service, accessability, Dominican Ambience and such!

Perhaps from the short list…a revolving meet and greet schedule can be arranged…who knows…it is really up to you!!!

You can find my very first review here…




Love it Mike!

that’s the idea of the year Buddy.
bring them all up,
but HEY!!!
keep a secret or two for ME, ha ha
happy weekend

Nicely Done Mike!

I really enjoyed that! The music was wonderful!

Looking forward to seeing more as days go by!

Thanks for taking the time to share!

Keep up the great work!

bb/mt ;D

Love it, love it, love it…let’s make this a sticky.

Do you need a helper? I could hold the beer while you film.


Are you planning to drink your way through? Do you want to hire me as an assistant? ;D

That is absolutely fantastic!!

Mike !!!

Love it !@! :sunglasses:

Please MORE please …

I need more places to drink…

The hotter the better !!

The more “Dominican” the better…

Music, love, life and cold cerveza…

Oh my …who could ask for more…

Hook me up in my area…


Great idea, Mike… :sunglasses:
It’s nice to know where we might go for a cold refreshment off resort. You’re always thinking of us… :-*

My hats off to you Mike … Great Job.
As newbie’s to Punta Cana ( There in May 08 ). The wife and I fell in love with the area. Plan on returning on a yearly basis. Your reviews will help us learn more about the area. Especially me, A place to sit and have a cild one while she shop’s.
Thanks again.

Excellent! What is available near the Sirenis Tropical?

Mike ~

This is great!! ~ we are staying at the Grand Palladium PC along with Happy Couple for our trip in 2009 ~ we are looking forward to checking out the local bars in the area! ~ hopefully we will meet up with you again as we did our last trip at EdenH ~

P&C ~ :sunglasses:

There is a bar not far from Sirenis I can’t remember the name it was the Pirate something, it was really nice with hammocks out front. When facing the Ocean turn right & it is just down maybe a 10-15min walk right on the beach.

I remember that one too. However, the last time we were there, Dec 2006, it was out of business. It may have re-opened since then.

edit: I seem to recall there was a seafood restaurant/bar just off the property to the left (facing the ocean). Same guy that runs the fishing/horseback riding etc …

What an awesome idea Mike. That music really puts your in the mmod. Can’t wait for the next review. Thanks a lot. :smiley:

OK, sounds like a good idea. Due to popular demand, consider it “stuck”. ;D

Thank you for your positive responses and please understand that my research on your behalf will have an effect on my liver!!!

Later today i will be working on review #2…a small place with great kabobs! A local favourite for expats like myself!!!



Great idea Mike. Keep up the good work.

I am beginning to think we booked at the wrong resort. We are staying at Dreams and from everything I have read the past couple of months if I want to enjoy any of the local flavor I am going to have to take a taxi of at least1/2 hour…am I correct?


[quote=@puntacanamike]Thank you for your positive responses and please understand that my research on your behalf will have an effect on my liver!!!

Well Mike…we appreciate your efforts, but I am sure there are many of us here that would be willing to come and assist to save on your liver…