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PDF's from gocuba

I’ve emailing around trying to get up to date pricing and a list of what activities are available in Cuba. Gocuba.ca was nice enough to send these to me. I didn’t see them on their website, and I thought others might be interested in them as well.

Pinar Del Rio


There is something I am missing … all I get is an advertising page for megaload

At first glance I get the same as you Canuks,

But I notice that you have to enter a 3 letter code that is provided in the middle of the page, about 1/3 down into the space provided. This will lead to another page where you have to wait about 30 seconds for the free downloaded software, then the pdf appears.

Thanks sinecure

Yeah sorry, I don’t have any where to host them so I have to resort to using what’s free.

Thanks - opened it - quite nice

Ok I must be blind cause I dont see any 3 letter code. help

At the top you’ll see “Please enter ‘XYZ’ here:” ____________ [Download]

Maybe I can find another place to put these up if folks are having so much trouble.

Pinar Del Rio

Thanks so much for the info!