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Pearson hotels

Hi, any recommendations for a hotel near YYZ for the night before an early flight?

Is it typical for parking for the week to be thrown in with the night’s stay?

Does the T3 Sheraton have parking?


yes the Sheraton t3 has parking, they do have some packages where it is included if not it is $108 for the week including taxes.


forgoing a shuttle might give me another 30 mins of sleep before a 6.30 flight

and Air Transat operates from T3

If you book the Sheraton T3 through Sell off Vacations there is special price that includes parking…worth every penny in my opinion.
You just walk across the catwalk and your in T3

Jimmy, thanks for the prices…

the Marriott has underground parking and shuttle for there park and flies,for about $149 i believe, unfortunately its sold out for when we are going , so we are booked in at the sandman, park and fly with the shuttle , but above ground parking, and thats $149. hope that helps , have a great time . Fred

Looks like you’ve got your answer for the parking.

We live on the west coast, so we fly into Pearson and overnight there - I’ve used the Holiday Inn Select before - nice hotel, comfortable, decent breakfast buffet, cosy lounge and great ala carte stuff - and room service for us early departers.

We’ll be staying there in March on our way to La Romana and again in April on our return. I also like the location of this hotel for ease of access to the various highways. We have family and friends in southern Ontario so usually rent a car to make the rounds.

Maybe this info will help someone.

Storm :sunglasses:

Jimmy thanks for the link very good to know.

I also love your avatar. LOL


We’ve used the Carlingview many times, $119 includes parking and light breakfast.

We are staying at the Sandman as well. Booked through our T.A. We are paying $129.00 and that includes 2 weeks parking.

im staying stage west its on Dixon ,south of the 401, room with separate bedroom,covered parking and 24hr shuttle, 109 plus taxes

anyone with a late flight make sure the hotel you look at has 24hr shuttle , not all do

We find that the convenience of the T3 Sheraton with parking included worth every penny for an early flight.

we booked the Delta 1/2 mile from the airport with 10 days parking and 24 hour shuttle through selloff for $79…we also booked our vacation with them

Do your self a favor and stay away from the Econo Lodge…

I have stayed at the Econo Lodge as well and once was enough.


[quote=@steeve]I have stayed at the Econo Lodge as well and once was enough.


Im booked there end of Feb. :frowning:

Any specific issues?

Bottom line, anything that will prevent me from getting 4-5 hours of sleep before 6 am flight? ie noise etc

I’m limited in choice because we are family of 5. Econo Lodge had suites available


howdy mudman

The noise was the issue and it was a bit dated for our liking. Plus you have too leave your car keys there while down south which I really did not like.

We are going to DR mid Feb and relatives who are overniting are staying at the Best Western on Dixie for around 80-85 I believe which does not include parking.

With parking it was more then the Holiday inn and others.

There are some deals around.

We are staying at the Holiday Inn on Dixon and got a pretty good room and parking for about 115$ and a good shuttle plus on site Perkins.


OUr room at the econo lodge was so sketchy that we slept in our clothes on top of the blankets…covered in towels

Me and my three friends stayed at the Best Western Toronto Airport on Dixie Road. We left our vehicle there for a week for free and also got a free airport shuttle. Our room was $79.00.

We always use the Crowne Plaza. It is located near the airport on Carlson Court, just off Dixon Road.
They have 24 hr shuttle, and we have never had an extra charge for leaving our car.
Cost this year $109.