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Perfect illuison/delusion

picture this…
sweat beaded on my brow
great bachata playing in the background
Presidente in view
gentle sounds of the ocean in the distance…ahhhh I love DR

now reality sets in and this is what I have…
sweat on my brow is because i just got out of the gym
the bachata is some Aventura coming from my radio
the presidente in view is the neon sign at the liquor store next to me at the red light
the “ocean” sounds that I hear are cars driving through slush puddles…ahhh gotta love NJ :stuck_out_tongue:

I will continue to daydream of DR to get me through this yucky winter

man what a nightmare…the drem and then the reality…btw I hate winter…


There is nothing worse then when you land with a thud into the reality pit.

I dont even drink Presidente but seeing that sign in the window is what start my entire fantasy.

I dont hate the winter…i’m like a little kid i love watching it snow…but given the choice i would rather have on sand between my toes then have my feet freezing while wearing thick socks and boot!