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Permission letter to travel with a child?

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with travelling with a child (actually he’s 15) I have read that I need a notarized letter of permission from his father that he’s aware we’re bringing him to Mexico for vacation. I’m sure I can get the letter but I don’t know if it’s actually necessary. Anyone been asked for one before?

I would say you’re “gooder” off having it and not needing it than the other way around boyzmom33. Just a sugestion.
Jake, eh

Thanks Jake…I got it now so I don’t have to worry…can just plant myself on the beach at the GBP and enjoy!!!

You are going to love that resort…it’s fantastic. We’d be going back again, but you have to try new things.

Jake, eh

How much was the letter?

We have travelled with our Grand daughter to Cuba as well as Disney & the DR we took a copy of the full custody order with her passport & a letter from her mom which was signed & not notarized. We had no problems at all we have even traveled to the USA during the summer with no letter.

Things were fine.

Good luck & Happy Travels!

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