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Personal lock for safety deposit box


:slight_smile: Hi all, Fun Royale March 9th… does anyone know of a lock to prevent the room safe from being unlocked? Everyone knows that the front desk has a master key to the safety deposit box in your room, so there must be a lock sold to lock the lock on the lock box.


a great question for BobFromCanada, pm him if he doesnt answer

I would have thought that they might have gone to electronic locks by now.


It’s a mechanical lock. You get the lock and the key from reception. I don’t believe rhere’s a master key. The lock is pretty high security, double cylinder.
What are you locking in there that you are so worried about?
BTW, I’ve never had a problem at this hotel. I left my $600 camera in plain view on the table for the whole two weeks we were there, and I still have it …


Thanks Bob for the reassurance. I know the Fun Royale is very safe and secure. Actually we are going on a second trip to a much riskier area and the room safe may not be as safe as we would like.


I sent an inquiry to the hotel. Here is the response.
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Each lock is individual and there is no master key. In case of lost key they have to break the safe. As you know lock is given at check in when rented.
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We just recently returned from Bahia Principe in RSJ and I also did what Bob did. I left my camera on the night table for the whole 2 weeks we were there. As for our money and medications etc, I just locked our carry on and then put the carry on into our main luggage and locked it. So if anyone wanted to break in, they had to break into 2 suitcases or take the whole big suitcase with them. Don’t think they would get very far with that. With the money we saved from not buying the safe we bought gifts for family and friends.

I think I would be more leary of leaving your beach towel and a book etc on a chair than the room safe. If your a beach person, then at the Bahia, you never had a problem finding a lounge to lie on somewhere on the beach. The resort was totally full the first week we stayed there.

What we did with locking the suitcase probably isn’t advised but we did it and it worked. Too each their own when it comes to safety.


thanks bob and pooky…last year we were at the punta goleta and their old style safes had a master key at the front desk. I see negative reviews that are usually from travellers with higher expectations regarding the star system.
we understand the difference between a 3 star and 5 star and prepare for the worst and are usually suprised. It would appear that the 3 star hotels try harder since they need to earn their points but the 5 star have acheived their goals and are resting on their laurals. Our cuba vacation was at a 4.5 star but the resort lacked the personality and friendliness.
Now here’s a hint that has been around a long time but new travellers may not know. When ants invade your 3 star bathroom, just place pennies around the corners and in their pathways. This works like magic!
Bring along a few of those sticky mouse catchers from the dollar store and place them in bug entrances around the room.


Those little ants like the 5 star properties just as well as the 3 star ones.
They don’t know the difference. ;D