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Personal wedding vows?


Who is doing personal wedding vows ? We did and I was so happy we did. It made the usually very short ceramony longer and personalized.

I was just wondering how many of you brides to be are actually doing it, or was it something not normal by standards for a Destination wedding…

just curious


I was thinking also if you did have vows did you write them yourselves or did you use something special that was already written…

Maybe this thread can help some brides with some ideas on getting them started…



I just realized yesterday when the english version of the vows were posted that there was room to add your own vows if you wanted…

I brought up the idea to my fiance last night, and he’s not exactly the type to do that sort of thing, but I’ve suggested that we work on them together and both say the same thing. Between the two of us, I am sure we can come up with something beautiful, funny maybe, and personal.

We are not very formal people and I thought of adding a few personal touches in the vows Will take some pondering… and with only 9 days left its coming down to the wire, but at this point I have nothing else to worry about! :slight_smile:



My FH and I are both very emotional people, he is afraid to say our own vows because he is afraid to cry in front of everyone there. I think it was Catherine that posted some really nice vows on one of the other threads (don’t remember which one though) they were beautiful. Mind you when I read them to my FH we both got teary eyed…



We are going to say our own vows, but I’m not sure if we are going to write something or just use something we’ve seen on line.

I’ve also asked each of my bridesmaids (3) to say a short poem or blessing to add a little more to the ceremony. After planning for a whole year, I don’t want it to be over in 10 minutes ::slight_smile:


If you google search Wedding Vows there are lots of great ideas.



Hey Girls,
I don’t think we are going to do personal wedding vows. I went to a small wedding show near my town a couple of weeks ago and got a brochure from a local minister that had sample vows in it. I tried reading some of them out loud to my fiance and got all teared up! I don’t think I’d make it through them on the actual day and in front of my family and friends! However at our reception that we are having once we get home, we are having a minister bless oru marriage and we might say some sort of a vow then. Don’t know though…
Hey secretsbride, nice to see you here on Debbie’s! Nice to have another hometown girl on the boards!!!


Treen - I know what you mean about getting all teared up. We were listening to a CD that I have put together of possible wedding songs, and I got all choked.

At my first wedding we did personal vows, and even though I would get all choked up trying to say them before the wedding, on the actual day I was so full of adrenaline that it went fine. If you want to do personal vows, do them - don’t worry about the tears - even if they do happen everyone will understand that they are tears of shear joy!


Therina Thanks, I am liking this forum much better then the other one I was on, Much nicer people and everyone here seems to stick to topic.



Terry, I know what you mean about the other forum. I havn’t been on that one in quite a while. I know that everyone here will appreciate your great advice


Thanks Therina…your so sweet

Hugs Terry


I have a question for Catherine, the wedding vows that you posted on one of the other threads, the ones about taking eachother’s hands and so on, are they read by the judge then repeated by the bride or groom? I really liked them but I don’t think I would be able to remember them all. :smiley: And well if I am worried about forgetting I am sure my FH will be lost after the first line or so.
I also googled “second wedding vows” and got some really nice vows for those of us that are getting married for the second (and last) time. ;D



Can anyone suggest a web site for personal wedding vows suggestions?