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Am taking my dog to DR for 5 week stay.Does anyone know exactly what paper work (and does it have to be government stamped) have to be brought. I have had different responses from DR consulate, our vet, and canadian department inspection. ???


Try http://www.pettravel.com/immigration/DominicanRepublic.cfm


We travel with out dog with out aprobelm but the paper work needs to be done and $10 fee when you get here.
Also not that airlines will not fly a pet in cargo during the summer months or if the temp at the sending or receiveing airport is over 85 F.
If the pet is going to travel in the cabin with you there is a weight limit (15# or so) and only one pet per cabin is allowed. It also will cost you about $100 for your dog’s “ticket”



Follow bobk’s advice. Check with the airline first, before you do anything else. Provide them with the dog species*, size, and weight. The airlines are pretty fussy about transporting animals.



*species is important, short nose dogs are more suscepitible to heat related trauma.


very interesting, never would of thought about short-nosed dogs or the heat or lack of in the carrier… what if someone had allergies to dogs on the plane?


Unless a service dog all dogs in the cabin must remain in thier carriers and supposed to be under your seat.



do they also have to be tranquilized? What about potty time on a 6 hour flight?


No doggie potty on the plane :frowning:



All vets will tell you not to use any sedatives for your dog, however we gave ours to make them less nervous and they were fine. We gave them the pills about 2 weeks prior the trip just to see how they react to it, one of our dogs is very hyper so we had to give him a bit stronger medicine.
No potty time, the crate you use for the dogs has to be leak proof. The last we fed our dogs was 24 hours before flight, the last water they had was by midnight. the departure was around 6 AM, our flight was 7 hours plus 2 hours before and the dogs didn’t have any problems.


Arrived safely with our dog. The fee for the vet (at puerta plata) is $11.00. Another $11.00 when leaving.